Posted on 22-12-2008
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I have not done so much travelling before in my life. I think this year I break my own personal record and this month itself, I have skipped so many so many classes. If I am not mistaken, I managed to attend 4 classes only. Good thing the package I’ve signed up allow me to attend unlimited classes. That way, I am able to catch up on the losses again after this holiday seasons. The travel insurance I bought this year is fully utilized to the max too.  Guess after this post, I won’t be updating anything again as I am travelling up North celebrating Christmas with my immediate family.

Have A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year XOXO

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Posted on 16-12-2008
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You just have to visualized this. While sitting on a gym ball, hold a piece of cleaning cloth in each hand and start moving your hand in circular motion. There you go, that is part of the fitball exercise movement like polishing the mirror. Now you know why some housewife says they don’t need to sign up for expensive fitness classes. House chores act as a part of their weight loss products. Who the heck that stand on that principle must have big bum-bum.

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Posted on 13-12-2008
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During this two years of my yoga practise, I’ve always seen Yoga Instructor (regardless whether they are male or female) in leotard or three quarter tight looking pants.  But today, this male yoga instructor almost swept me off my feet!  He decided to came in in soccer pants.  Obviously there is not thing wrong.  Just that I felt he looks kinda sexy in them.  Muahahahaaa.  Luckly I was not seating in the front home theater seating row if not, you tell me ler, how to concentrate.  Ahh… now I know how his nickname came about.  Indeed a Leg Killer.

Minus the waxing. *ngek, ngek, ngek*

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Posted on 02-12-2008
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It all started about 1 year ago when I felt my monthly flow is very abnormal than usual. They are superbly heavy with big chunk of blood clot dashing out like the tap water. This happened usually on the first and second day. However, subsequent days is rated at medium and low. This took me about 6 months to consult a doctor and a ultrasound scan revealed that there is a fibroid growing in my womb. And 6 months later today, after another ultrasound scan…. the result is not looking good.

Not only the fibroid is growing, the Doctor discovered more than 3 cyst growing. If you look at the smaller circle on the left, that is the cyst. They are now measuring at 33.2mm. If the cyst grow beyond 50mm, there is a need to get it remove through surgery and I am now on medication to treat anemia. Even if the cyst did not grow beyond 50mm but the anemia has worsen, it is advisable to get the cyst remove too. Now, on the bigger circle, that is my womb. A womb is supposed to be oval shape but mine is out-of-shape. That is because on the bulging part, that is where the fibroid is and they are definitely growing too!

Most women with fibroid did not develop any symptom. One out of 5 women may get this and they are genetic too. So far in my household, my mom, one of my sis, one of my cousins (she had gone through 3 surgeries and the fibroid kept on coming back!), all of them has been a victim too. I am not writing this to get sympathy. I just want to remind all ladies out there to learn to know your body, take note of body changes and go for your yearly check-up. Educate yourself on cyst and fibroid, check out articles on Google.

With this new yet horrible findings, I have increased the premium on my term life insurance quote. The fibroid and cyst does affect a little of my yoga practise especially in “Revolved Extended Side Angle” or some may called it the “Prayer Twist”. When I tried to do a deep twisting, it hurts… somewhere there… like a stone stuck between my waist and tight. But for a woman who have gone through child birth, what is there that is not tolerable?

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