Posted on 27-11-2008
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Director: YogaJess

Writer : Nazlan J.

Release Date: 27 November 2008

Genre: Cartoon

Plot: Yoga Bear was banned from entering Jellystone Park. Yogi Bear reported the news to his Cousin, Yoga Bear in Jellystone Park. Yoga Bear was about to get bang on the head by the Shorty Council. Yea, he is so short he need to stood on a bed frames for extra height. Uncle Yoda came to their rescue!

Cast: Yogi Bear
Yoga Bear
Yoda Master

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Posted on 25-11-2008
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The decision make by National Fatwa Council to banned Yoga has shocked many of us. As a Yoga practitioner, I have been following the news very closely. Today’s news send a little breather to many Muslim practitioners – The implementation of Fatwa ban was put on hold in two States i.e. Selangor and Perak. Unfortunately. Just hang on to your mat and don’t burn that books yet, Yoginis.

I am not writing to debate the details of the Fatwa. This has quoted many times by the Council that practicing yoga’s physical poses, known as asanas, without spiritual elements such as chanting and meditation is considered alright by Islamic law, although is not encouraged as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”. Through my 2 years involvement in Yoga, I have never heard of anyone who has deviated from their personal faith, converted to Hinduism or denounced religion because they practice yoga. I am still a Christian today for Pete’s sake!

You know what I can foresee once the ruling on Fatwa is adopted? There will be more ‘underground’ taking place (practicing or conducting classes in discretion) and raids conducting yoga centre or maybe private home? *cringe* Or the worst scenario, more people (teachers) was jobless and there goes the removal of that beautiful digital signage from their yoga centre.

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*My definition of Fat here is putting on weight. I used F.A.T. cos the word consist of 3 alphabets only. Can?*

When I was in my teenage years, no matter how much I eat, I can never put on weight. I was weighing at 39/40kg only. During my first pregnancy, I ballooned up to 62kg! That is a whooping 22 kgs that I have put on. At one time I almost resorted to try diet pills. The day I gave birth to my 3rd child till to date, food is my next enemy. That is such a pathetic sight. When I stand around with my siblings, it takes a blind man to know who is FAT! No prize for guessing which one is me tho *sticking out tongue*

Sometimes I couldn’t understand woman. What is wrong being fat? The answer is woman are vain lor. Simple as that.

p/s: Picture above took from my trip on Superstar Libra Cruise. Those are the guys that performed to the “Macho Man” performance.

p/p/s:  I am not refering to woman in the whole universe.  The woman is basically just me.  Well, you know… if I don’t mentioned this someone will come jumping on me.  Don’t want to take risk in case some people are just so sensitive.  Where is the freedom of speech nowadays? *cringe*

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Posted on 18-11-2008
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I so need to rant on the Yoga Instructor I met on board the Superstar Libra Cruise.

1) As they have only 10 yoga mats available, the remaining 10 participants was given beach towel. Boy oh boy, I saw many of them was slipping away. That is quite hazardous as someone could get hurt or sprained their wrist.

2) The Instructor is definitely left handed cos he start everything on the left first. I do feel awkward about that. And you know after savasana (corpse pose) where you are supposed to turn to your right before coming up on seated position? The instruction given was turning to our left. Weird isn’t it? Of course I did not follow instructions!  Guess I am so used to the old routine.

Anyway it was just basic yoga as part of the activities held on the Cruise. The next 2 days on board, I don’t even bother to join their Yoga class anymore. I so need some stretching as my tummy has ballooned up due to the scrumptious free flow 5 meals per day for the past 3 days. And what is the best diet pills? Well, it’s the starving pills from now on! That is the damaged I have to pay due to my greediness *slap self*.

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Posted on 11-11-2008
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Other than Dancer Pose and Standing Pigeon what is the other poses that brings out a nice composition in Silhouette? My favourite time of the day would be during the sunrise or sunset. Taking photos during this moment can be rewarding. At these times of day when the sun is lower in the sky, sunlight travels through more atmosphere to reach the earth. As a result, colors are warmer, richer and often vibrant. Opppss… wrong topic. I know I shouldn’t be talking about photography here. Tehehe…

Nowadays, the traffic in Klang is horrendous. I have to leave home 45 minutes before class and even with that, I am still late for my class! And when I am early, the teacher is late by 25 minutes!!! It is frustrating but soon after class, all anger has subside. The following day we will start all over again. Stuck in the traffic, curse, curse, curse and I will ask myself why take the trouble just to attend some stretching classes? Right after class, all anger subside again. But hey, it’s a like a cycle. It may sound frustrating but at the same time we enjoy doing it! Don’t know should laugh or cry. *sigh…

I will be away for the longest time again. Good thing I am still able to find time to squeeze in some practice in the evening. Don’t let me touch on the traffic again! So my dear Teachers, you will not see me this week. Again.

Namaste! *looking for Passport and sunblock lotion*

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Posted on 05-11-2008
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There are 2 things, good and bad. The good one first:

I love the sight of tankless water heater and the pampering from that huge flow of water running down from the GIANT shower head in the shower room. Woot!

The bad one:

I can only blame my ignorance attitude for causing embarrassment to myself. For almost 2 years, I have been walking comfortably in and out of classes in slippers. I have totally forgotten that I am now attached to a fitness centre and yesterday, gawd know why I have the guts to walk in to the Jazz room barefooted for my Step class. I felt something amiss when everyone was in sneekers. Oh dang me! True enough I was not allowed to join the class. And the most embarrassing part would be walking out of the jazz room with 20 pairs of eyes looking at me. Or my foot. I don’t know! That instant, I just wish the ground would open up and swallow me in.

*cover face, run & hide under cover*

*call me when dinner is serve*

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Posted on 03-11-2008
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The new Chi Fitness in Centro has one of their yoga room next to the visitor’s lounge where the doors and all other 4 walls are made from glass. Awesome isn’t it?

My 3 years old girl was tagging along last weekend for my Fitball class. As always, I have to occupied her with lots of food, milk and a colouring book. 30 mins past and out of a sudden, I heard a loud screaming (yea, the room is not totally sound proof and I can still heard her from inside the confined glass),

“Mama! I WANT shee-shee!”

Fuyoh, imagine if I was a minute late, I would get a personalized gifts from my daughter. Now you know how the title of this post came about *rolling eye*

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