Posted on 20-11-2008
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*My definition of Fat here is putting on weight. I used F.A.T. cos the word consist of 3 alphabets only. Can?*

When I was in my teenage years, no matter how much I eat, I can never put on weight. I was weighing at 39/40kg only. During my first pregnancy, I ballooned up to 62kg! That is a whooping 22 kgs that I have put on. At one time I almost resorted to try diet pills. The day I gave birth to my 3rd child till to date, food is my next enemy. That is such a pathetic sight. When I stand around with my siblings, it takes a blind man to know who is FAT! No prize for guessing which one is me tho *sticking out tongue*

Sometimes I couldn’t understand woman. What is wrong being fat? The answer is woman are vain lor. Simple as that.

p/s: Picture above took from my trip on Superstar Libra Cruise. Those are the guys that performed to the “Macho Man” performance.

p/p/s:  I am not refering to woman in the whole universe.  The woman is basically just me.  Well, you know… if I don’t mentioned this someone will come jumping on me.  Don’t want to take risk in case some people are just so sensitive.  Where is the freedom of speech nowadays? *cringe*

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Leg killer on 21 November, 2008 at 10:40 pm #

Women who usually gave births are unlikely to have the weight back to before the pregnancy. But, there is nothing wrong with it. No need to skip meal or take those diet pills. Go through the natural way by exercising and be cautious a bit on the intake of food. it does require time to bring the weights down. Women who gave birth gain excessive because during pregnancy period, the baby also need to eat. As such, the intake of food is double. That’s why ppl say mummy is always care for the kids. You kids will appreciate the sacrifice that you put in. Cheer up! After all, women with little ‘meat’ is still sexy wat….:p

anonymous on 23 November, 2008 at 8:47 pm #

Dear jess,
You are not fat, you are cute : ) : ) : )

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