Posted on 04-09-2008
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Everyone knows that children have tons of energy. This is the best time to groom them to be what you want. Yea, we had them wrapped around our finger 😉 . Children is always ever ready to learn new things and surprisingly they adapt even faster than adult. If you’re looking for a good way to engage the minds and bodies of your kids, yoga is a perfect solution. The physical challenges are stimulating for children. Getting them to focus on holding their bodies in the asanas is a wonderful way to teach them self-discipline as well as create flexibility in their growing bodies.

It is not advisable to drag them along to the adult class where they may not be stimulated enough to continue the practice. After all, adult class is catered for adults and not kids. I have not sit through the whole session in the kiddos class but for sure I know one thing, their classes is always geared with lots of energetic music and playful times thus creating lots of noises = laughter during classes. I can even hear their “AAAAA UM!” from the next room! It makes me happy to see them happy.

p/s: Before I end, let me explain on this picture. It was taken after Kids Yoga class while the children did something fun like reading a book, colouring or just plainly chatting with friends while waiting for their parents to finish classes. Hence you see why they are not in downward dog!

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