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As with many old wives’ tales, it seems there is more than a grain of truth – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not a folklore anymore. I do know apple are a rich source of dietary fibre. When it comes to bowel regularity, apple’s fiber tackle the job no matter what it is. All you have to do is make sure that apple is included as one of the five portions of fruit and vegetables you eat each day.

These are the fruits combination I like:

Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi = To improve skin complexion

Tomatoes + Carrot + Apple = Improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath

Carrot + Ginger + Apple = Boost and cleanse our system


With the combination above, not only your body system is cleanse, you will be surprised to notice the acne on your face may clear up eventually.  Healthy Eating, Happy Living.


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Now the conclusion on Yogazone after under Receivership hand since August 7th is…. *drum rolling please*

Yogazone will have cease ceased operation effective from September 15, 2008 onwards. Wan chang jor. Let’s all have a moment of silence please.



OK, done!

If you want to know further updates on YZ, please refer to YogaLover88, Joshua’s Haven and for the compilation history of YZ glory days till kingdom failure, please refer to Spy Yoga. All thanks to their blog if not I am still in the dark on the outcome of YZ. I was just wondering, why YZ or receivership company or who ever, did not bother to even send at least an official letter stating the closure or whatever it is concern to the 20,000 members? Cease business operation like this matter is equivalent to money scam! No? Sometimes I really pity those aunties, uncles, ah moi, ah beng who is not computer savvy. Pity them everyday purposely drove by YZ Klang hoping to see the door miraculously open for business one day. But little did they know the door will forever remain closed till the day the land lord or a new tenant decided to bring down the signboard.

Oh, talking about money scam, whoever wants to try their luck to claim back what is owing to them in monetary form can try to file for refund from The Small Claims Court aka Tribunal for Consumer Claim Malaysia which handles claims not exceeding RM5000. The form cost RM5.00. The Tribunal will settle within 2 months period.

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia ,
Tingkat 16, Putra Place ,
100, Jalan Putra,
Tel: 03 – 40492300 / 40424181 Fax: 03 – 40424259


And what I excerpt from Fei’s comment in YogaLover88 blog, in the “Respondent column”, you should fill up Yogazone particular like below:

Name of Respondent : The Yoga Zone Group Sdn Bhd
I.C. No. / Registration Company No. : 680406-X
Address : No. 30-1, Jalan 2/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel. No. : 03 – 7987 7680
H/P No. : nil
Fax No. : 03 – 7983 2676
Email : [email protected]

I hope the information is helpful for those who is in a lost.

I read also Centro is auctioning out equipments to recover their loses.  Anyone know the dates?  I would love to grab one of the gym ball.  And also, whoever from Klang is going to the Consumer Tribunal office, I would like to hitch a hike too.  RM3.5k is a lot for me.  I can buy a very good camera lens with that money you know!

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Something not related to yoga.

I remember seeing my late paternal Grandma uses this type of zinc wash basin for her laundry. During the 80’s zinc basin is commonly used.

Seeing them thus make me think of my childhood I remember when I was younger, I used to take my bath in the basin too and my Mom make me washed my own school shoes when I was 6y/o from the same basin too. If you are wondering, I took these farmhouse sinks during my trip to Disneyland in 2007 but never get a chance to blog about it.

What do you think if I fix one of those at my garden?

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The “Journey of The Twisted Body and Twisted Mind” continue it’s search for a place to twist. Sad to say but glad to realised, life still goes on and it is great after all. Errr… not really great but then I can make do with anything I had.

I’ve been asking for rates and looking for a suitable place to practice and finally, attended a trial class in Yoga Franchise, Klang. I mentioned to Nava that I was formerly practicing from Yogazone and he instantly snapped. Ya, ya, heard that bla bla bla bla! Seems like the whole world has heard about YZ crisis. Yoga Franchise offer traditional yoga. The flow is so much different from Yogazone as Nava claimed that Yogazone has modified it to make them more commercialized to the public. I know nuts about that so no comment from me.

I find traditional Yoga a bit slow and maybe too relaxing. I am trying to get used to it especially having a total of 6 savasanas (or maybe more cos I gave up counting them!) in between asana. That is way too relaxing and we was practicing in a air-conditioning room. I hardly even perspire. End of the 60 minutes class, he drew out this on the white board.

Disciple #1 to be practice everyday for at least 10 minutes everyday – While he was briefing on Shatkarmas, I kept looking at the clock hanging above him. *yawn*

Disciple #2 is my favourite practice (15 minutes everyday) – Now, this is what I finally understood after attending Yoga classes for a year plus. The sequence of practising asanas!

  • 2 sets of Sun salutation
  • Backbend
  • Forwardbend
  • Twisting
  • Inverted

It snapped me hard after reading disciple #2. No wonder we always do headstand lastly. He explained the reason behind it but all the teaching goes in one ear and out another ear. *blushing*

Disciple #3 & #4 – I started to drift into dreamland again. The only thing I remember is the prana as I adhered to it. Never drink/bath/eat right after class. You will lost all your prana.

After explaining all that, the other yogis was seen jotting the 4 disciples on papers and some was using their PDA. I took out my faithful camera and take a shot. Everyone was amazed including Nava! Aiyah talking about bloggers. Tehehe. We don’t part with our camera. Next thing I know, everyone follow suit and started taking picture using their mobile phone instead of jotting them down on paper. Class dismissed earlier than way too 😉 .

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Short Talk: Do come back to Malaysia again when you had the chance. We really love your class and will always miss you. You will always be remembered. Have A Safe Journey home, Deepak. XOXO


I can’t believe it is a FULL HOUSE! Centro Management is so kind to lend us their Ballroom for the meeting hence it looks like we are in Las Vegas Hotel!

Please take note that there will be another meeting with Mr Tee from DAP in his Bukit Tinggi office 12A-01-1, Lorong Batu Nilam today (08Sept’09) Updated! 12-09-2008 at 6pm. Be there to show your support ya?


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Everyone knows that children have tons of energy. This is the best time to groom them to be what you want. Yea, we had them wrapped around our finger 😉 . Children is always ever ready to learn new things and surprisingly they adapt even faster than adult. If you’re looking for a good way to engage the minds and bodies of your kids, yoga is a perfect solution. The physical challenges are stimulating for children. Getting them to focus on holding their bodies in the asanas is a wonderful way to teach them self-discipline as well as create flexibility in their growing bodies.

It is not advisable to drag them along to the adult class where they may not be stimulated enough to continue the practice. After all, adult class is catered for adults and not kids. I have not sit through the whole session in the kiddos class but for sure I know one thing, their classes is always geared with lots of energetic music and playful times thus creating lots of noises = laughter during classes. I can even hear their “AAAAA UM!” from the next room! It makes me happy to see them happy.

p/s: Before I end, let me explain on this picture. It was taken after Kids Yoga class while the children did something fun like reading a book, colouring or just plainly chatting with friends while waiting for their parents to finish classes. Hence you see why they are not in downward dog!

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I turned into a Flexitarian more than six month ago. During that time, I wasn’t serious about it till recently when I read more and more about meat and yoga. Even Ninie has turned a vegetarian. Hats and cap off to her. She is one truly Yogis I know. Not many people has come to the term of Flexitarian. Vegetarian adhered to 100% vege diet but a Flexitarian is semi-vegetarian diet who consume four or more meatless meals per week involving the practice of eating mainly vegetarian food but making occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, cultural, or nutritional reasons.

For my personal reason, I do not want to give up meat entirely, but want to recognize the health benefits connected with decreasing consumption of meat and be a better Yogi. During the weekdays with my busy schedule juggling between work and family and yes, blogging! I hardly have the time to cook at home. I ate lots of raw vegetable and drank lots of juices instead of coffee.

This is an example of what my family had for lunch. We had big red juicy strawberries, edamame (green soya beans), zucchini and unagi roll. At times, we had Bak Kut Teh without the pork. Really! I have to beg the Uncle to sell me vegetarian Bak Kut Teh as he was quite reluctant at the first place.

Obviously, I felt much healthier, lighter and more flexible now.

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