Posted on 21-09-2009
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Holiday is good especially when I’m not travelling.  It’s been quite a productive weekend here.  Managed to get a few things done like getting the window fixed, painted the walls, mawn the lawn, car accessories fixed.  After 2 days of labouring, I realised there are more that is yet to be done like the kitchen need to be scrub and the kids toys need to be sorted out (head and tails need to be pair).  Urgh!  Now time is running out and I’m getting lazy.   Do enjoy your Raya Holiday and Eid Mubarak to those who is celebrating.

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Posted on 10-09-2009
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Sanskrit:  Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana is very simple, static seated pose designed to open our often tight groin and hip muscles. The pose is especially good for women during menses and menopause because it stimulates the ovaries. They are also benefits for men as it stimulates the prostate gland (safe guard man on social security disability).

However, the asana itself doesn’t make you loose any calories.  But, done in combination of other asanas (standing, balancing, inverted) sitting in a butterfly position will eventually help you burn calories in the region of the hips, waist, thighs and calves.

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Posted on 09-09-2009
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What should that be?

If you didn’t know, Headstand or in sanskrit shirshasana is an extremely power asana giving beneficiary effect to the whole body.  The few that I remember is improving memory, intelligence, promote hair growth, help put the spine into correct alignment, makes you looks younger (best wrinkle cream *ahem*), etc…

So to be warned beforehand, do wear a snug fit appeareal as you are going to go topsy turvy upside down and you do not want to reveal what is at the bottom.  Do ya?  It is gonna be very humiliating hilarious when the instructor came and tell you this, “Tuck in your shirt first” before he guide you upside down. LOL!

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