Posted on 16-12-2008
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You just have to visualized this. While sitting on a gym ball, hold a piece of cleaning cloth in each hand and start moving your hand in circular motion. There you go, that is part of the fitball exercise movement like polishing the mirror. Now you know why some housewife says they don’t need to sign up for expensive fitness classes. House chores act as a part of their weight loss products. Who the heck that stand on that principle must have big bum-bum.

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Posted on 13-12-2008
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During this two years of my yoga practise, I’ve always seen Yoga Instructor (regardless whether they are male or female) in leotard or three quarter tight looking pants.  But today, this male yoga instructor almost swept me off my feet!  He decided to came in in soccer pants.  Obviously there is not thing wrong.  Just that I felt he looks kinda sexy in them.  Muahahahaaa.  Luckly I was not seating in the front home theater seating row if not, you tell me ler, how to concentrate.  Ahh… now I know how his nickname came about.  Indeed a Leg Killer.

Minus the waxing. *ngek, ngek, ngek*

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Posted on 21-08-2007
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Fitball is also known as Swiss ball or Gym ball in some countries and yea, finally I attended my first fitball yoga on Sunday. What can I say about the lesson? Well, give a ball to any child and see the joy in them!

In Fitball Yoga, we uses a lot of core muscle strength and not forgetting, balancing. However, I do find that someone with a petite size like me should be given a smaller ball for better and easier grip. All in all, it is fun playing with the big ball.

At the mean time, no point talking so much. Will get myself a fitball to bounce at home. Woohoo!

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