Posted on 06-07-2009
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Few days ago, we was watching a Hip Hop Dance competition on teevee.  This is how the competition goes. There are three contestant. Everyone need to show a few Hip Hop movement and the one awe the judges most win.  My 7 years old son was watching it with “eye popping-jaw dropping-salivar drooling-lost in the world” concentration.  Breaking the silence, I dare him to challenge me.

Same rules, each person should out beat the other with a Hip Hop movement.  He was more excited than me!  Rolling his shoulder, pulling up his sleeve and he challenge me with his first movement:

*rolling eye*  The Hip Hop way of handstand

Now my turn *ahem*.  The Mummy doesn’t know Hip Hop but you know, most of their dance movement is so closed to Yoga.  Drum rolling…

The Kondinyasana

You should look at the expression on my 7 years olds son!  His eyes popped out and jaw dropped one more time!  That is a priceless moment! LOL!  (Ya la tu, I know I got a dem fat thigh. Can stop staring at it now.  Who wants to recommend the best weight loss pill that works on the thigh?)

This time he beh kam muang (don’t want to give in).  He took a deep inhalation, pull up his sleeve again and challenge me his second movement:

*waving white flag*  I can’t do a cartwheel.  He was darn happy that he won!

Everybody, clap hand la!

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Posted on 30-06-2009
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Last Sunday, Living Yoga, Klang had a special guest appearance, that is Deepak to conduct Pranayama and Yoga Dance classes.  Sunday morning is definitely a no-no for me as I have to attend Sunday Mass.  I am still very much the Christian in me even tho ‘they’ says, “Christian will derived from God if they learn Yoga.” Bullshit!

Back to serious business, I told Bee Ling that I will be there for Yoga Dance as a blogger this time 🙂 .     After two Yoga Dance classes with Deepak, I realised I have never like dancing and still is!  I know I have two left feet so let’s save the embarrassment for next time, ya?

As a photographer, I’m trying my best to steal some artistic shot.

*Note:  The following post is heavily spammed with lots of pictures.  Proceed at your own risk.*

My most favourite shot of the day.  Simply love the silhouette!

Being there but not anticipating in the dance is really a drag.  I felt so bored and hot!  I kept looking at the clock. LOL!  The dance movement is not a stranger to me as Deepak has taught us before.  Amazing how I don’t give it a good review this time.   But you know what excite me?  All these awesome photographs!  Love them to bits!

Till then, Namaste!

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Posted on 29-06-2009
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… a peep thru the door crack,

Coming soon…

p/s:  Monday is always the busiest time for me to blog but the excitement was tingling all over my fingers that I can’t wait to tell you guys how much we had fun.  Again!

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Posted on 25-06-2009
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A notice was paste on the center yesterday.  My vision only focus on the center part of the notice that read… “Pranayama & Yoga Dance”.  Nothing excite me.  I checked the calender on my iPhone, 28th June is a Sunday.  And I goes, “Waitaminute, who is teaching Yoga Dance?!?!” I quick dash to the door again and was scanning the notice from beginning to the end making sure I did not miss out any words this time.

Holy moly!  Deepak is conducting a lesson on Sunday!

I have never like dancing (even thought they are fun) but I will attend the  Pranayama class.  A quick recap on an e-mail which he sent to me few days ago on Pranayama.  I reread the e-mail (on my iPhone) and already knew what he is going to teach this coming Sunday. LOL.  If you are interested, read on.

Subject: pranayama therapy for n1 h1 (halo?  Was it H1 N1?)

“De Ep hi to all my friends ,,these days n1 h1 (halo!  H1 N1 la!) ,, virus is every where,, i will suggest you guys to do pranayama daily for at least half an hour,, specially those pranayama who are giving effect on your manipur chakra,, on the navel and below the navel,, because,, manipur chakra or navel chakra is related to your immune system it is boosting your immune system and specially to agnisara, kapalabhati, and thyroid ,,thymus,,spleen ,, and your bone marrow is also the part of your immune system ,, so ujjayi,,and lion pose,,and uddiyana bandha ,,stomach lock,, are able to give you strong immune system and you will be able to fight with this virus,,plz do this,,thanx and namaste,, god bless you DEEP YOGA”

There ya go.  I don’t know how good a teacher he is but I know he is HOT!  Do come and join the class this Sunday if you are around Klang area.  Drop me a note if only you are really keen of coming so that I can forward to you the center telephone number.  It’s free of course. Not!

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Posted on 24-07-2008
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I attended my first Yoga Dance class by Deepak yesterday. You can rest assured the word coming from someone who has two left feet. This is one truly wild yoga class I’ve been to. I have never felt so free of inhibitions, self-consciousness when I was dancing in his class. You should see the way he sway that butt. Gosh! I can just stop dancing and watch him. He almost swept me away and my heart just melt into deep relaxation.

At the beginning, I was not very comfortable and rather shy with free expression. But hey, everyone is into it. Just close my eye, deeply relax my body and mind with the gentle stretching then soar into a liberating transformational dance journey. I hadn’t even realized the emotional toxins and burdens that I was carrying. I felt much more lighter after all the hot stomping, jumping and swaying. Everyone look so joyful and rejuvenated after the class. Time sure pass by fast and we was taught some Bollywood movement. I left the class with the exotic Bollywood beat rhythms still playing in my mind. My favourite part would be the, “Maria? MARIA!” *tump, tump, tump*

*head still bobbing while writing this post*


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