Posted on 18-06-2008
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Not many people know that in sitted forward bending, your belly is suppose to stick to your tight and not j let your body hanging in the air.  That is totally wrong and not counted just so your hands could touch your toes.  If you can’t reach the toes, bend your knee a little, bending forward so that your belly sticks to the tight.  Take a deep inhalation and try straighten the knee bit by bit.  Listen to your body.  Stop at your maximum and never force yourself down by pulling your feet.  Sad to say, sometimes I notice my neighbour doing that in the pre-text of showing off.  But she did not realized what she did is really wrong. Worst thing, I think the teacher is blind.  In another word, just plain lazy.

Namaste, everyone.

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Posted on 22-05-2008
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Sanskrit: Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana

Don’t get mixed up with ‘revolved’ and the non-revolved version of this asana. Basically, with Side Seated Angle Pose, one just stretches the upper body and lean forward down as far as possible towards one leg. With the Revolved Side Seated Angle Pose, from a seated position regardless if you bend one of the knee or not, lean your body side way towards the outstretched leg. It gives you a different type of stretches. With the ‘revolved’ version, one have to be very flexible on the shoulder and the other stretches more on the hip. Try both the asana and you will know which category you are from. Basically, I am more flexible on the shoulder than the hip. From this, I would prefer the Revolved side seated angle pose than the other one.

Namaste, everyone.

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