Posted on 11-09-2008
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The “Journey of The Twisted Body and Twisted Mind” continue it’s search for a place to twist. Sad to say but glad to realised, life still goes on and it is great after all. Errr… not really great but then I can make do with anything I had.

I’ve been asking for rates and looking for a suitable place to practice and finally, attended a trial class in Yoga Franchise, Klang. I mentioned to Nava that I was formerly practicing from Yogazone and he instantly snapped. Ya, ya, heard that bla bla bla bla! Seems like the whole world has heard about YZ crisis. Yoga Franchise offer traditional yoga. The flow is so much different from Yogazone as Nava claimed that Yogazone has modified it to make them more commercialized to the public. I know nuts about that so no comment from me.

I find traditional Yoga a bit slow and maybe too relaxing. I am trying to get used to it especially having a total of 6 savasanas (or maybe more cos I gave up counting them!) in between asana. That is way too relaxing and we was practicing in a air-conditioning room. I hardly even perspire. End of the 60 minutes class, he drew out this on the white board.

Disciple #1 to be practice everyday for at least 10 minutes everyday – While he was briefing on Shatkarmas, I kept looking at the clock hanging above him. *yawn*

Disciple #2 is my favourite practice (15 minutes everyday) – Now, this is what I finally understood after attending Yoga classes for a year plus. The sequence of practising asanas!

  • 2 sets of Sun salutation
  • Backbend
  • Forwardbend
  • Twisting
  • Inverted

It snapped me hard after reading disciple #2. No wonder we always do headstand lastly. He explained the reason behind it but all the teaching goes in one ear and out another ear. *blushing*

Disciple #3 & #4 – I started to drift into dreamland again. The only thing I remember is the prana as I adhered to it. Never drink/bath/eat right after class. You will lost all your prana.

After explaining all that, the other yogis was seen jotting the 4 disciples on papers and some was using their PDA. I took out my faithful camera and take a shot. Everyone was amazed including Nava! Aiyah talking about bloggers. Tehehe. We don’t part with our camera. Next thing I know, everyone follow suit and started taking picture using their mobile phone instead of jotting them down on paper. Class dismissed earlier than way too 😉 .

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