Posted on 20-11-2008
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*My definition of Fat here is putting on weight. I used F.A.T. cos the word consist of 3 alphabets only. Can?*

When I was in my teenage years, no matter how much I eat, I can never put on weight. I was weighing at 39/40kg only. During my first pregnancy, I ballooned up to 62kg! That is a whooping 22 kgs that I have put on. At one time I almost resorted to try diet pills. The day I gave birth to my 3rd child till to date, food is my next enemy. That is such a pathetic sight. When I stand around with my siblings, it takes a blind man to know who is FAT! No prize for guessing which one is me tho *sticking out tongue*

Sometimes I couldn’t understand woman. What is wrong being fat? The answer is woman are vain lor. Simple as that.

p/s: Picture above took from my trip on Superstar Libra Cruise. Those are the guys that performed to the “Macho Man” performance.

p/p/s:  I am not refering to woman in the whole universe.  The woman is basically just me.  Well, you know… if I don’t mentioned this someone will come jumping on me.  Don’t want to take risk in case some people are just so sensitive.  Where is the freedom of speech nowadays? *cringe*

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