Posted on 11-11-2008
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Other than Dancer Pose and Standing Pigeon what is the other poses that brings out a nice composition in Silhouette? My favourite time of the day would be during the sunrise or sunset. Taking photos during this moment can be rewarding. At these times of day when the sun is lower in the sky, sunlight travels through more atmosphere to reach the earth. As a result, colors are warmer, richer and often vibrant. Opppss… wrong topic. I know I shouldn’t be talking about photography here. Tehehe…

Nowadays, the traffic in Klang is horrendous. I have to leave home 45 minutes before class and even with that, I am still late for my class! And when I am early, the teacher is late by 25 minutes!!! It is frustrating but soon after class, all anger has subside. The following day we will start all over again. Stuck in the traffic, curse, curse, curse and I will ask myself why take the trouble just to attend some stretching classes? Right after class, all anger subside again. But hey, it’s a like a cycle. It may sound frustrating but at the same time we enjoy doing it! Don’t know should laugh or cry. *sigh…

I will be away for the longest time again. Good thing I am still able to find time to squeeze in some practice in the evening. Don’t let me touch on the traffic again! So my dear Teachers, you will not see me this week. Again.

Namaste! *looking for Passport and sunblock lotion*

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