Posted on 18-11-2008
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I so need to rant on the Yoga Instructor I met on board the Superstar Libra Cruise.

1) As they have only 10 yoga mats available, the remaining 10 participants was given beach towel. Boy oh boy, I saw many of them was slipping away. That is quite hazardous as someone could get hurt or sprained their wrist.

2) The Instructor is definitely left handed cos he start everything on the left first. I do feel awkward about that. And you know after savasana (corpse pose) where you are supposed to turn to your right before coming up on seated position? The instruction given was turning to our left. Weird isn’t it? Of course I did not follow instructions!  Guess I am so used to the old routine.

Anyway it was just basic yoga as part of the activities held on the Cruise. The next 2 days on board, I don’t even bother to join their Yoga class anymore. I so need some stretching as my tummy has ballooned up due to the scrumptious free flow 5 meals per day for the past 3 days. And what is the best diet pills? Well, it’s the starving pills from now on! That is the damaged I have to pay due to my greediness *slap self*.

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