Posted on 27-06-2007
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After one and a half month of taking Yoga lesson, I feel that having a yoga mat at home will be convenient especially when you don’t have time to go for your lesson at the centre.

My usual routine will be practising Yin at home. All the stretching and twisting really help me to loosen up after a hard day at work.

Well, finally I got myself a PINK yoga mat. I love pink! I got them during sales for RM40. That is quite cheap considering a average price is about RM60. There’s something about this mat tho. They claim that the foam material is of good quality ‘soft foam’, which means…. SOFT!

If I were to compare the mat that I’m using at the Yoga centre and the one that I’ve bought, it is very obvious that the soft foam is sinking but after a while, it will bounce back again. I have no knowledge of what is good and what is not. I have to swallow their words.

“We have been selling them all this while and we have tested on the foam. It’s of a good quality and this is advance technology. New type!”

Ya! Ya! I have no choice cos I’ve already paid for the mat.

There’s only 4 criteria I know when buying a mat –

  1. Your sweat must dry up faster when it drip on the mat.
  2. You musn’t get a mat that is not too thick as you don’t want to feel ‘too’ comfortable sitting on it.
  3. It must be sticky to prevent slipping.
  4. If you have zero knowledge about mat, just go for expensive ones

How do one choose a good mat? Care to share?


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