Posted on 26-10-2007
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I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and have not been updating it lately. There’s a few things happening around me and to make matter worst, I am lack of blogging inspiration = zero blog post.

Recently, I had a few trips to the clinic and thanks God, my blood pressure is back to normal. Ok, so this thing called Yoga actually works. Miracle! hehe…

I have been absence from classes for almost two weeks now due to some tummy cramps, nausea feeling, weak body…. you named it, I’ve got it. Something very close to pregnancy sympton 😉 . And NO! I’m not pregnant *sticking out tongue*

Now that I’m finally recovered and my body is not that weak anymore, I’m back to my full swing, that is attending 4 classes a week. Good thing the package that I’ve signed up with Yoga Zone permit unlimited attendance. Which means I can go anytime, anyday, any class at my convenience. I have since familiarized myself with the instructors and know their field of expertise. For example, Jackie concentrate more on flexibility and Janet concentrate more on abs eventho both are conducting Hatha classes. Jackie’s class for me, that is for sure.

Plank Posture

I am not even sure if my arm is strong enough to hold myself in Plank or even downward dog. We’ll see about that.

Ciao, ciao everyone. I’m off to my Yoga now. Namaste!

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