Posted on 21-01-2008
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I have an embarrassing  story to tell.

Not sure about you but I do experiencing some body changes on and off.  And well, during my usual Sunday class, suddenly I farted from my private part instead of…. you know, your usual backside.  Ahem.

It was kinda embarassing.  I don’t only farted once, it went on like 3 or 4 times and the last was after doing a shoulder stand when we was supposed to get our feet down in a cycle, and suddenly I just go prrrrttttttttttttt…..

Gosh, that was so embarassing enough to kill me.  It is very weird to have so much ‘angin’ (air) entered thru my private part.

Ok.  This is kinda obscene.  Teheehee… Namaste, everyone.

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