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This electronics mail (e-mail) was forwarded to me by my 21y/o niece who’s parents is converted Christian. In the past, we end up once in heated debate about Yoga practise. I’m surprised she is still trying to proof to me that Yoga is somewhat evil. Have a read:

HI friends,
On Wednesday, I attended a talk by an ex-yoga teacher, Mdm Poh Shon Choy, who sold her yoga centre (earning lots of money giving yoga lessons) and severed all ties with yoga. She urges us to inform relatives, friends, Family members, etc., NOT to get involved at all. Many claimed that they only join to keep fit, only doing the exercise poses and not meditation. Christians think it is ok so long they don’t participate in the Meditation part. Mdm Choy explains that the central of Yoga (originated from Hinduism) is the spirit of Kundalini (spirit Of snake or cobra). Yoga poses are actually animal poses (e.g. camel, rabbit,). All these look very normal and harmless, stretching and exercising. But the danger is, once a person does such poses, the spirit of Kundalini (the snake is in a coiled position) is stimulated or aroused. As the persons goes from basic to intermediate to advance stage of yoga lessons (still not meditation yet), the coiled will be aroused further. It will rise and rise further.There are 7 centres in the human body – starting from the navel. The final centre is the part between the eye brows (known to many as the third eye). When the spirit is aroused to the final centre, the third eye will be opened.This is called the full enlightenment. The first thing the person sees is demons. For some, they will become insane seeing such horrifying demons. For others, they are not afraid – And will have the power to fore-tell other people’s health, problems, luck, etc (like a fortune teller). In fact, they manipulate and control other people. The meditation part will come in very subtle. Mdm Choy said she was approached by a couple who found her contact from the yellow pages and told her they wanted to teach her new things about yoga. She was very keen and sat under their teaching. She learnt how to meditate and it must be done in odd hours of the day (past midnight).
(YogaJess said: Dah kena ajaran sesat la tu.) So she tried. She actually felt a wriggling feeling in her stomach! She also mentioned that her third eye was opened. She could see her own aura (electric fields in all human beings). Her turning point came when God caused her spiritual eyes to open – she witnessed a lady being delivered, wriggling Like a snake on the floor.. Mdm Choy thanked God for being gracious to her, she took 1-2 weeks to bedelivered. She knows of a lady who took 3 months to be cleansed!! It is a sad thing, there is even yoga lessons for children. In the States, a Methodist started the Christian yoga. However, there are some believers who still continue, saying that they find no harm after doing yoga for 3 years. Mdm Choy says it is our soul that is in danger. The evil one will try all ways to ensnare/trap Christians. Someone in the class raised a question – if we have The Holy Spirit, how can the spirit of kundalini be aroused? Mdm Choy replied our God is a holy God, the Holy Spirit will be grieved and will depart. God cannot be mocked. God’s spirit left King Saul when he disobeyed God. To God, rebellion spirit is witchcraft. We are not against yoga teachers, yoga students but we are fighting against powers, principalities in the Spiritual realm. Let’s be on guard, be aware!

I’ve only got one thing to say after reading the above, IT’LL BE DEM COOL TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE’S AURA WITH MY THIRD EYE!”. You know, the thing about internet, anyone can just make up anything and forward them in e-mails. Hey, let’s make up another story and forward them too. DUH!

I managed to Google more on Mdm Choy the author of “In the Nude ~ Confessions of an ex-Yoga Teacher” . She was born and brought up in Ipoh, Malaysia, some fifty-six years ago, she is the youngest of nine children. At the age of three, she lost her father to cancer. Not having the financial means to do a tertiary education, she opted for a nursing course in England after her Cambridge ‘O’ level exams. She is married with two teenage daughters and continues to run the business of providing nursing services to hospitals, clinics, research centres and homes. She worships at Wesley Methodist Church and also serves as an altar counsellor. She is now invited to give testimony in various churches. Don’t play-play.

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