Posted on 10-03-2009
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The temperature was around 2C when I was at The Great Wall of China.  The occasional wind does not do any justice at all.  We was freezing!  So I thought Warrior pose should be the most suitable of all.  Trying the tough one – Warrior 3.

The jean, the jacket, the boots and the wind makes me impossible to balance at all.  That was a quick 3 seconds before I lost my balance.  What the heck, so I retook another shot of Warrior 2.

It was a bliss.  Note to self:  Next time no need show off, ok.

Next trip coming up would be Orlando vacations sometime in September.  A yogini friend of mine commented that I was always out of town.  Well, travelling is the best medicine for releasing stress.  Learn yoga also stress!  *slap forehead*

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