Posted on 08-04-2009
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1) I started going for vacation when I turned 21 years old and never did once, I was down with food poisoning.  And finally, I got that while vacationing in Beijing.

One week after coming home from Beijing,

2) My smart tag and touch ‘n go card was stolen from my car.  I think I forgot to lock the door.

Two weeks after the stolen smart tag,

3) Our car out of the blue lost control and bang the highway steel divider.  Thanks God all of us are safe.

SIL ask me to cook mee suah & eggs for the whole family to eat.  I cooked ang chiew mee suah *slurp* minus the egg.  Last weekend I went back to my Mom’s.  She wanted to cook red eggs for us but don’t have time to do that.  So she gave me fresh eggs and a red paper.

Anddddddddddddd on Monday,

4) The daycare called and said Prince had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).

5) At night when I hang my laundry, I noticed that my bicycle was stolen!

And you think that is all? No.

On Tuesday,

6) The kindie cum daycare  called at 12pm to inform that the Kementerian Kesihatan instructed them to close the kindie for  a week.  Looks like my son is the 7th person down with HFMD in the school.  Good thing my Mom graduate from nursing vocational colleges as she is able to advise me on HFMD.

Can you believe this?  6 (666) bad luck happening to us!  I cannot imagine what will happen next.  And with the closure of the kindie cum daycare, I have to look after the kids for a week.  Meaning I am not working for the whole 7 days!  OMG!

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