Posted on 29-07-2009
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After a few trip up to Cameron, we started to fall in love with the place especially the weather although at some days it can be hot and some days the wind can be very strong making the weather so pleasant, so suitable for outdoor activity especially rv camping.  I have been planning this event since 5 years ago but the timing is always not right whenever we are in Cameron Highlands. So this time I die-die also must go pick my own vegetables. While driving around looking for the vegetable farm, ’ssssssssssome’ people losses their patient and we get comments like this:

“Aiyah, just buy some carrot and stick them in the ground then ask your kids to pull lor.”

“Veges from the market don’t want to buy. Come and pluck veges and do all the farmer’s work. He must be laughing his way to the bank!”

Thanks to BIL & Daddy. That is such an encouragement. Not!

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