Posted on 12-01-2009
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A very shocking discovery. I was on MSN the other day with a ex-Yoga Zone teacher that I still keep in contact hence he has moved to another country to continue his Yoga teaching. He asked me if anything new happened to Yoga empire here. Not as I know of ever since the winding up of YZ and the fatwa thingy. He then told me that Yogaloft approached him to teach there. And then I go Uh-oh. We all know who is behind Yogaloft right. It’s been many many moons since the Yoga Zone crisis thing happened. All along, I tried not to look into YogaLover88 or Joshua or Yogurt’s blog or even mentioned anything that is concerning ‘them’ at all. And since this topic was brought up again, I took a little peep at www.yogaloft.com.my website.

The first thing is, “THIS MAN WITH MOLE SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” Pardon the rudeness. lol. Secondly, this doesn’t looks like a Yoga blog eh? So I read on. And the juicy part catches me!

What the heck is going on? Aren’t they sick of playing such game?

And of course more familiar name was mentioned like Yogalover88 *rolling eye*

So the WHOLEEEEEEE MORNING (!!!) I was stuck in between Joshua, Yogalover88 and Yogurt’s blog reading all the gossips and decided to check out the guy named Jason Bak.

Hey oh? His profile picture is better than the one in Yogaloft website! And I nearly choke to death when I read ‘single and available’. Wtf, trying to sell himself? OMG! He is so sporting. Not!

So I read on and sense the whole thing is quite fishy especially the blog. Why does someone starts a blog and leave all the hate comment there for the whole world to read? What does he benefit from there as all I see is more damage is going to happen.

Another million dollar question: You gave that person a second chance but to be betrayed again. Can you trust that person for the third time?

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Posted on 02-01-2009
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I was back from my one week long holiday and has planned to catch up on Yoga practises that I’ve missed. That morning as I tried to ignite the car, the battery went dead. I knew that would happen if your car was left in hibernation mode for too many days. Logic would say, our body and the car engine works the same. I never felt so stiff before and now, I am suffering from body aches all over. I started to walk like a duck the next few days and badly needed to sleep on a heated mattress pads. Aches lasted about 4 days and I felt so good now.  Well, this is a lesson to learn – not to leave your body in hibernation mode for more than 3 days.

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Posted on 27-11-2008
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Director: YogaJess

Writer : Nazlan J.

Release Date: 27 November 2008

Genre: Cartoon

Plot: Yoga Bear was banned from entering Jellystone Park. Yogi Bear reported the news to his Cousin, Yoga Bear in Jellystone Park. Yoga Bear was about to get bang on the head by the Shorty Council. Yea, he is so short he need to stood on a bed frames for extra height. Uncle Yoda came to their rescue!

Cast: Yogi Bear
Yoga Bear
Yoda Master

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Posted on 25-11-2008
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The decision make by National Fatwa Council to banned Yoga has shocked many of us. As a Yoga practitioner, I have been following the news very closely. Today’s news send a little breather to many Muslim practitioners – The implementation of Fatwa ban was put on hold in two States i.e. Selangor and Perak. Unfortunately. Just hang on to your mat and don’t burn that books yet, Yoginis.

I am not writing to debate the details of the Fatwa. This has quoted many times by the Council that practicing yoga’s physical poses, known as asanas, without spiritual elements such as chanting and meditation is considered alright by Islamic law, although is not encouraged as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”. Through my 2 years involvement in Yoga, I have never heard of anyone who has deviated from their personal faith, converted to Hinduism or denounced religion because they practice yoga. I am still a Christian today for Pete’s sake!

You know what I can foresee once the ruling on Fatwa is adopted? There will be more ‘underground’ taking place (practicing or conducting classes in discretion) and raids conducting yoga centre or maybe private home? *cringe* Or the worst scenario, more people (teachers) was jobless and there goes the removal of that beautiful digital signage from their yoga centre.

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Posted on 18-11-2008
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I so need to rant on the Yoga Instructor I met on board the Superstar Libra Cruise.

1) As they have only 10 yoga mats available, the remaining 10 participants was given beach towel. Boy oh boy, I saw many of them was slipping away. That is quite hazardous as someone could get hurt or sprained their wrist.

2) The Instructor is definitely left handed cos he start everything on the left first. I do feel awkward about that. And you know after savasana (corpse pose) where you are supposed to turn to your right before coming up on seated position? The instruction given was turning to our left. Weird isn’t it? Of course I did not follow instructions!  Guess I am so used to the old routine.

Anyway it was just basic yoga as part of the activities held on the Cruise. The next 2 days on board, I don’t even bother to join their Yoga class anymore. I so need some stretching as my tummy has ballooned up due to the scrumptious free flow 5 meals per day for the past 3 days. And what is the best diet pills? Well, it’s the starving pills from now on! That is the damaged I have to pay due to my greediness *slap self*.

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Posted on 05-11-2008
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There are 2 things, good and bad. The good one first:

I love the sight of tankless water heater and the pampering from that huge flow of water running down from the GIANT shower head in the shower room. Woot!

The bad one:

I can only blame my ignorance attitude for causing embarrassment to myself. For almost 2 years, I have been walking comfortably in and out of classes in slippers. I have totally forgotten that I am now attached to a fitness centre and yesterday, gawd know why I have the guts to walk in to the Jazz room barefooted for my Step class. I felt something amiss when everyone was in sneekers. Oh dang me! True enough I was not allowed to join the class. And the most embarrassing part would be walking out of the jazz room with 20 pairs of eyes looking at me. Or my foot. I don’t know! That instant, I just wish the ground would open up and swallow me in.

*cover face, run & hide under cover*

*call me when dinner is serve*

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Posted on 03-11-2008
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The new Chi Fitness in Centro has one of their yoga room next to the visitor’s lounge where the doors and all other 4 walls are made from glass. Awesome isn’t it?

My 3 years old girl was tagging along last weekend for my Fitball class. As always, I have to occupied her with lots of food, milk and a colouring book. 30 mins past and out of a sudden, I heard a loud screaming (yea, the room is not totally sound proof and I can still heard her from inside the confined glass),

“Mama! I WANT shee-shee!”

Fuyoh, imagine if I was a minute late, I would get a personalized gifts from my daughter. Now you know how the title of this post came about *rolling eye*

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Posted on 31-10-2008
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Lately… I have cravings for banana leaf rice.

Lately… I spent my free time munching muruku.

Lately… I love roti canai with ghee.

Recently… I feel like celebrating Deepavali.

I even got myself a new punjabi suit.

Die, I think I must stop learning Yoga!!! *rolling eye*

p/s: Pe.lea.se. lar! Talk using your brain, ok. Don’t talk like a Baby wearing adult diaper. Someone out there doesn’t know which finger is longer!

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Posted on 28-10-2008
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I hope everyone can (or at least try!) put the past behind them and move on with life. It is very distressing to read comments by members like “who cheat who”, etc whenever someone break the news of new owner took over existing YZ outlet.  I find this is very unfair to curse the new owner as they are totally innocent (except Urban Yoga. Unfortunately.) In this case, CHI Fitness is under Clark Hatch group. They have nothing to do with YZ Group or even Centro. For goodness sake, Centro owns the building and Centro doesn’t own YZ. Why on earth would people want to curse Centro? At least with the new owner, you can now resume your gym/yoga/dance rather than chomping down tones of alli diet pill right? I really wish someone would buy over YZ Bukit Tinggi branch too.  The road from my house leading towards Centro is so freaking jams.

Fyi, I have signed up with CHI Fitness for the sake of the free November membership and also for the sake of Yoga.  I really need a proper place to practice! And most importantly, it is child friendly fitness centre.  I am thrilled to see some familiar names *ahem* on the timetable too.

What’s more to say?  Namaste!

So, what are you guys waiting for?

Go, go, go!

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Posted on 22-10-2008
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I was born into Christian home and Yoga to some of them (Christians) is against our religion. I got upset when I was told about this but the curious me went ahead to join the Yoga empire 2 years ago and is able to prove them wrong!

The question is usually very standard. Just few weeks ago, I was in a heated argument with a Christian. The conversation goes like it. The opening line is quite standard. As usual! So I better write this down to share and to hear your opinion before I forgot the conversation line and obviously the computer memory is way better than the human memory. It started like this:

“Do you know Christians is not supposed to learn Yoga?”

“You are wrong about the fact.  Have you ever tried Yoga before?  I do not believe engaging in posture could lead us thru anything spiritual.”

“The posture itself is spiritual.”

“You mean by twisting like this and like that *hands was swinging in air* you called them spiritual?  This is what Christians always fear of.  If you believe in your faith, no matter what other things you do, you are still a Christian.  Nothing can change that.  I know some of them is quite spiritual like the meditating (I was about to say pranayama but since she know nuts  on Sanskrit I was fast enough to say meditating. hehe).  Well, I am just interested in the poses so whenever they do meditating or chant ‘aummmm’ I just watch them.  I find there is nothing wrong on Yoga.  It is purely for health.”

“Well, nowadays anything they do they always say it is for health.”

Let’s cut short the conversation cos I was so upset with it and my tone was kinda high.  So what you guys think?  Would love the feedback especially non buddhist readers.

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