Posted on 12-01-2009
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A very shocking discovery. I was on MSN the other day with a ex-Yoga Zone teacher that I still keep in contact hence he has moved to another country to continue his Yoga teaching. He asked me if anything new happened to Yoga empire here. Not as I know of ever since the winding up of YZ and the fatwa thingy. He then told me that Yogaloft approached him to teach there. And then I go Uh-oh. We all know who is behind Yogaloft right. It’s been many many moons since the Yoga Zone crisis thing happened. All along, I tried not to look into YogaLover88 or Joshua or Yogurt’s blog or even mentioned anything that is concerning ‘them’ at all. And since this topic was brought up again, I took a little peep at www.yogaloft.com.my website.

The first thing is, “THIS MAN WITH MOLE SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” Pardon the rudeness. lol. Secondly, this doesn’t looks like a Yoga blog eh? So I read on. And the juicy part catches me!

What the heck is going on? Aren’t they sick of playing such game?

And of course more familiar name was mentioned like Yogalover88 *rolling eye*

So the WHOLEEEEEEE MORNING (!!!) I was stuck in between Joshua, Yogalover88 and Yogurt’s blog reading all the gossips and decided to check out the guy named Jason Bak.

Hey oh? His profile picture is better than the one in Yogaloft website! And I nearly choke to death when I read ‘single and available’. Wtf, trying to sell himself? OMG! He is so sporting. Not!

So I read on and sense the whole thing is quite fishy especially the blog. Why does someone starts a blog and leave all the hate comment there for the whole world to read? What does he benefit from there as all I see is more damage is going to happen.

Another million dollar question: You gave that person a second chance but to be betrayed again. Can you trust that person for the third time?

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Leg Killer on 14 January, 2009 at 10:27 pm #

All those stupid cronies got nothing to do except cheating on people hard earn $$$…BAD BAD BAD.

three musketeers on 17 January, 2009 at 3:33 am #

You all are more sick than anyone else, if you truly let go, then let go! don’t let go half way and still couldn’t actually let it go! wtf, you think “they” still want to be associated to this smelly and dirty yoga world of you all? Dream it!

you are not God, you have no right to judge anything of anyone, I can undertsand how dumb can a dumb head be, auntie Jess, are you trying to pull back your clicks since I look at your blog after the empire downfall is extremely and unblievably pathetic, no advertisers kah?

We, three musketeers, know nothing about yoga and know nothing about you people, but only one thing, we are defintiely better than you all cause we never touch yoga in Malaysia. Yoga makes money? from all you pathetic people? no way! Conned your RM 99 per month? I think “he” can do better than that if he really wants to do so.

last but not least, don’t ask people to move on while you your pathetic-self is still keep on looking back, anyway, i don’t expect you to understand what we say and don’t plan to start a war here, if you do, we are all ready to fight back.

next, choose not to publish what we write, but you know “we”will pull ‘clicks’ for you, so what you do, Jess?

YOU ARE THE ONE THAT RUINED THE YOGA EMPIRE! You can choose not to admit, but you know you are, the advertising fees you earn is already far more than your few thousand! Sick of you!

anonymous on 20 April, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

just a comment, whatever has been written about jason bak is true. he’s a rich man but he earned it using questionable means cheating his way through on his IT business – eisentech. after that, he purportedly wants to go straight, hence the investment in etsu and yogaloft. but as they said, you can’t ask a tiger to change its skin, he might not use yogaloft to cheat people anymore, but he still treats people like a commodity, once you shared with him your domain expertise, he will discard you like a plague. to see him, just go youtube, and key in jason bak. you can see the real him, on how the yogaloft staffs went to see him to claim their money back. btw, he’s partnership with local gangster and his elder sister is a whore to a mobster in macau.

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