Posted on 30-07-2007
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Sunday was another usual day where I drop my eldest daughter for her Teakwando class and I hop over for my Yoga class. But last Sunday, there is only 2 yogis present. Good thing I don’t end up being alone as that would freak me out. Tho, I have an evil plan in head. Not trying to be a show off, the usual Hatha class is no longer a challenge for me. What else with 4 sets of Sun Salutation? *yawn!*

Before I could open my mouth, my Yoga Instructor Elaine suggested, “Today we do something extreme.” I claps my mouth almost cheering out in joy. Then I smile at her, “I was going to suggest that too.”

A challenging Sun Salutation pose. Instead of the usual “plank pose – chest and chin down – slide into cobra”, we had “plank pose – chaturanga – upward dog”. aitelyu, it is not easy to come up from chaturanga to upward dog without my big tight hitting the mat once. Teheeheee… this is my first time tho and I can’t help myself but to cheat a little. Sue me *sticking out tongue*

We was taught other challenging postures and did many outrageous postures. For example the Pyramid headstand. I’m almost there but not quite there yet. Elaine taught us the other variation of headstand, that is the Traditional headstand.

Woohoo! For the first time I am able to lift myself to full headstand. I still have the phobia of falling backward. So, no picture of me doing the full headstand in public as of now.

We adjourned the class with another variation of shavasana by placing a block under our back making sure our butt is still firmly on the mat and our leg in butterfly pose. Nice!

I left the class feeling accomplished (headstand) and fullfilled (different variation). How I wish our daily lesson is always so challenging.

Namaste, everyone.

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