Posted on 03-04-2008
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When I first started practicing Yoga, it is merely to lower my blood pressure and of course, trying to loose some weight here and there, tone up the body a bit and this and that.  Little do I know Yoga helps toning other body part that I least expect of.  It can be embarrassing but I have to admit, I have a better looking butt now.  I’m sure you don’t want to see a picture of my butt right.  Well. all I can advise is, do more stretching.  That really helps your body to tone.

On the other hand, I have renewed my Yoga membership from yearly to Lifetime membership.  Congrats to me 🙂 .  Well, the package is sure attractive and since I’m serious in Yoga now, why not?

Lately, I have not been attending classes frequently.  Guess what, my body knows how to complain.  I have aching back, stiff neck, my body feel so weak and so dull it badly need some twisting.  Yea, now I feel so good after all the twist.  So you tell me, I have to be serious in Yoga right?  Even my body knows how to complain. What a big achievement!

Namaste, everyone!

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