Posted on 22-04-2008
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Sanskrit:  Prapadasana

Tiptoe pose is a challenging balance pose that develop and strengthens your knees and ankles.  It also promotes overall balance, stability and confidence.

For beginner, you may squat down and bring one leg up onto your tight.  Find a balancing point.  To come out from the pose, simply uncross your leg and sit down before stretching your leg out.

For intermediate practitioner, you may start standing tiptoe in Tree pose by placing the foot on your tight instead of inner tight and come down to the floor in a forward bending. Squating down still on tiptoe.  Find a focus point and once your body stabilized,  place your palm in prayer pose. To come out from the post, lift your body up making sure you are still tiptoeing.  Release leg onto the floor.

Namaste, everyone!

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