Posted on 23-06-2008
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I have a riddle here.  Nothing too tough.  You just need to put a little more senses.  It goes like this:

On the weighing scale, we have 2kg of stones and on another weighing scale, we have 2kg of cotton.  Which is heavier?

If your answer is the stones, you are wrong.  They are both equally heavy cos both of them weight at 2kg.

What I am trying to point out is, there is this bunch of woman in my HOT yoga class.  Funny how they always comment on the weather like this, “Gosh, the weather is so hot outside it is going to add up the temperature in the yoga room.”

Halo?  The room temperature is set at 40C.  No matter how hot or how cold the outside weather, the room stays at 40C.  Making any sense here?

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