Posted on 25-06-2008
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I can sense that the recession is coming nearer and nearer. First it was the recession in US and the rising of crude oil prices which hit Malaysian lately and seems that prices for retailed product has increased too for the the past few weeks. And now, petrol kiosk is not accepting payment by Credit Card. All sales have to be in cash. It has gone from bad to worst. Even Yoga Zone, Klang has been going through something very weird this few weeks. Either the Teacher did not turn up for classes or the Teacher has resigned. Rumors have been going round lately in the studio. I will refrained myself from spreading more rumors here in hope that they will sort out their internal problem.

The only thing I’m afraid now is the closure of the Klang branch. I love the strategic location at the shop lot in the hearts of Klang town which is very near to my house. Not to mentioned, we do not have to pay parking which is a cost saving to us. They have been talking about a new branch opening in a commercial tower. I can feel the pinch now. Not only it is a bit further and inconvenience to me, each time I go there, I will have to pay for the parking too.

Gosh, since the recent petrol price hike, everything seem not going smoothly at my end especially in expenditure. The kids school transport has increased from RM70 to RM90. I am fine with that as I can totally feel their pinch. Their violin lesson has increased from RM70 to RM80. For goodness sake, what does a music class have to do with the price hike???!!! &%$# The only thing that didn’t increased is our salary. That is so unfair! If Yoga Zone, Klang really closing down, I can’t be going for my classes as often as before. Oh, please God, please don’t let this thing happen!

… pleaseeeee ….

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