Posted on 04-08-2008
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Through this past weeks of ordeal, I’ve learn a lot of things from all of you out there. Many words out there that I’ve never heard of and some are great philosophies. On the other hand, it is not easy for me this past few weeks moderating comments. At times, I have to stay up till the wee hours to approved comments. Sometimes, I have to play detective screening thru genuine commentators and so-called trouble maker. When my bandwidth exceeded, I have to forked out $$$ for upgrading. Even during a holiday, I mind never stop thinking of the crisis. It wasn’t like before anymore.

It was great to be back from a short holiday. I am sure everybody can’t wait to face the truth on Monday. Thank goodness classes is seen to resumed this morning. At least there is a little hope there that keep us going. As usual, I can foresee a little gossiping here and there. That is the human nature. God, please forgive them. For the teachers that continue with their classes, blessed their little heart.

Anyone care to explain what is the meaning of Yoga Body, Yoga Mind?

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