Posted on 08-08-2008
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Last weekend I was fortunate (yea, I still get my pay check unlike many unfortunate working people out there) to have a little getaway with my family to Avillion, Port Dickson. The hotel especially the water chalets is truly out of this world.  Do check out the hotel if you are interested in it.  At the meantime, I’m leaving you some yoga photographs I took of the kids as we are having so much fun clowning around in various poses.

Don’t ask me why his warrior II is seen with his back leg flying up.  I never teach him how to portray, he just did that on his own!

Kids was wobbling and hopping around trying to balance themself.  lol.  You should see the way they try to keep their balance and all of a sudden, here comes the butterfly hands and they drop in the pool.  Awesome!

So I get the kids to do it one more time for the animation.  Cool!

I’m trying to catch up on my yoga at YZ this weekend as the new timetable is arranged in a way that I can hardly fit them to my schedule.  Have a nice weekend ahead and say hi to your Mom for me.


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