Posted on 06-08-2007
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This happened few months ago during my first day in “Power Yoga” class under a male instructor. I tried very hard but can’t lift myself in Headstand. He tried to introduce other variations but I just can’t seem to adapt any. He then ask, “Are you a coffee or tea drinker?”


“Ah, by looking at your body, I can tell that you don’t drink any of it. Hmm… but you should be able to come up to Headstand.”

I just smiled shyly or rather embarrassed at his remark about me. I should have boasted to him, “Ya, I drink and addicted to it too!!!”

And last week, I heard him asking another Yogi the same question. I was like, wtf, so that is his pick-up line? This has became the gossip among a small group of us. I can’t believe my ears when they said, “Aiyah, he even said the same thing to me la.” *rolling on floor laughing*


On an unrelated topic, can anyone tell me what is the name for this posture?

My lengchai instructor used to utter ‘Jesus’. I do see some resemblance on the outstretched hand as the crucifix cross.

Namaste, everyone.

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