Posted on 27-08-2007
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I have backache again. Yea, I did say “again” cos the pain will come and go. I’ve not been going for Yoga for the past one week cos I didn’t want to exaggerate my condition but to let it heal slowly or rather…. the pain will go off slowly by itself. I’ve thought of going for a good traditional massage to get rid of all the wind (or whatever you called it) but I’m a cheapskates. Dang!

And so they said Triangle Pose can help relieving back ache.

Sanskrit: Utthita Trikonasana

Short Talk – Around the onset of menopause, women should abstain from excessive intake of medicines to avoid the risk of unwanted drug interactions. Surgical measures like plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons should be postponed ideally. They should be doing regular yoga along with pilates.

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