Posted on 29-08-2007
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While I was in my 2nd set of 30 pumps in Kapalabhati, I heard a heavy breathing coming behind of me. As I turn over, I was totally surprised to caught my youngest daughter sitting in lotus position, eyes tightly shut, fingers tuck in chin mudra and she even follow the rhythm of my breathing.


…. but only cuter!

I can’t imagine how I look in kapalabhati, but for sure, I always tend to tensed my shoulder and frequently reminded myself to relax it. And that face expression too! Who in the h*ll wanted to caught looking like a donkey, huh?

Note: Kapalabhati is an exercise for the purification of the nasal passage and lungs. People who is suffering from asthma will find this very helpful as it clear up mucus and blockages in the chest. However, those who has high blood pressure should avoid doing it.

Short Talk – For people in la fitness maintenance means a lot. These are the serious consumers of fitness equipment. They are also the most frequent shoppers at vitamin shoppe and whether they are doing pilates or any other yoga form, they don’t forget their supplements.

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