Posted on 24-04-2008
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Recently my colleagues (about 9 of them) enrolled in a private Yoga class paying RM100.00 for one hour session.  Among the 9 of them, there is one who is deaf.  Well, I know it is quite impossible for her but at the same time, I did not want to sound discouraging.  All I can advise is, “make sure you sit on the center.  No left, no right, no front, no back.  Right smack on the center so that you can copy the others even though you can’t hear the instructions.”  But of course, there are still many things that are disadvantage to her.  I didn’t want to make too much negative comment.  Just let her attend the class to find out herself what Yoga is about and decide later.

Well, the next day, they group gave lots of positive comment and how they love Yoga.  The only thing they are not happy about is the deaf colleague as they think that she (deaf) is slowing down the class and some of them have to explain to her in sign language in the middle of the asana.  That really distract them.  She (deaf) almost cried and blame herself on her handicap.  I felt sorry for her too but there is nothing I could do.

I’m not good at consoling others but I just had to.  So my suggestion to her, “Why don’t you pay for me to attend the class.  I will be your translator so that you won’t disturb the others.”  Well, I know her answer will be no cos she is famous of her kiamsiapness (stingy).  Well….. she nodded!  OMG!  I told her it was just a joke.  I wish I have the time for my own classes too 🙁

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