Posted on 08-05-2008
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Hot Yoga is also known as Bikram Yoga in Sanskrit. Ideally, the room was heated to 105°F (40.5°C) with a humidity of 40%. However, classes are guided differently everywhere. At the place where I attended classes, the heater was left running for 45 minutes throughout the duration of classes. Sometime 15 minutes before Savasana, the heater was then switched off again.

As you can imagine, a vigorous yoga session at this temperature promotes profuse sweating which believe will help you to lose weight, get rids the body of toxins and also makes the body very warm and therefore more flexible. It is essential to bring along a towel slightly larger than normal and your clothes should be of cotton or any absorbent fabric.

For my personal opinion, Hot Yoga has some con too.

  1. It makes my facial skin very dry no matter how much water I drank after class.
  2. I can’t tolerate with the intense heat. First 20minutes in the asana, I started to feel a bit nausea. After 30 minutes, I started to feel short of breath, giddy and wanna throw up.
  3. I was told that too much of Hot Yoga may damage your kidney, dehydrate your body and etc…

And most of the time, I regretted coming to the class and get torture. Urgh… why do I pay to get tortured? Kinda stupid right? While huffing and puffing and perspiring all over, many question is racing inside my head like… I wish the instructor will switch off the heater now…. I looks fat in the mirror. No, it’s the clothes!… I can’t hold any longer in this asana. Gosh, I’m slipping…. That person in the front row is showing of… I can’t wait till this is over… Yea, right. Come back again tomorrow. Are you insane?… oh, I get to lie down again. This isn’t so bad… she is turning off the heater… phew… it’s over… finally!… towel… towel… I think i almost fainted…. nice music… nice savasana… Namaste!

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