Posted on 27-05-2008
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It is always good to switch Yoga teacher every now and then so that you get to hear and learn different things. My usual Sunday class was replaced by Xiang, a male teacher with huge belly. lol. We don’t always get the chance to see ugly teacher, don’t we? Alright, albeit his huge belly, he is as flexible like any one of us. Forward bend, headstand, split…. no problem at all but he did claim that the huge belly does blocking his way in forward bending. Back to the class, it’s the usual Sunday afternoon where people would prefer to stay home for nap rather than working out. The classes consist of three yogis only.

End of the class, Xiang explained a few theory to us like the benefit of yoga. It helps to increase flexibility and increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons.  It is important to always practice counter pose for every asana.  Failing which, the muscle will get harden.  Once it is harden, there is no way to make it flexible again.  Just look at the guy in the gym – 6 packs and huge muscle.  But then, these people is not able to remove their shirt or even reaching out to scratch their back.  Good thing I always love Yoga.

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