Posted on 22-10-2008
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I was born into Christian home and Yoga to some of them (Christians) is against our religion. I got upset when I was told about this but the curious me went ahead to join the Yoga empire 2 years ago and is able to prove them wrong!

The question is usually very standard. Just few weeks ago, I was in a heated argument with a Christian. The conversation goes like it. The opening line is quite standard. As usual! So I better write this down to share and to hear your opinion before I forgot the conversation line and obviously the computer memory is way better than the human memory. It started like this:

“Do you know Christians is not supposed to learn Yoga?”

“You are wrong about the fact.  Have you ever tried Yoga before?  I do not believe engaging in posture could lead us thru anything spiritual.”

“The posture itself is spiritual.”

“You mean by twisting like this and like that *hands was swinging in air* you called them spiritual?  This is what Christians always fear of.  If you believe in your faith, no matter what other things you do, you are still a Christian.  Nothing can change that.  I know some of them is quite spiritual like the meditating (I was about to say pranayama but since she know nuts  on Sanskrit I was fast enough to say meditating. hehe).  Well, I am just interested in the poses so whenever they do meditating or chant ‘aummmm’ I just watch them.  I find there is nothing wrong on Yoga.  It is purely for health.”

“Well, nowadays anything they do they always say it is for health.”

Let’s cut short the conversation cos I was so upset with it and my tone was kinda high.  So what you guys think?  Would love the feedback especially non buddhist readers.

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