Posted on 28-10-2008
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I hope everyone can (or at least try!) put the past behind them and move on with life. It is very distressing to read comments by members like “who cheat who”, etc whenever someone break the news of new owner took over existing YZ outlet.  I find this is very unfair to curse the new owner as they are totally innocent (except Urban Yoga. Unfortunately.) In this case, CHI Fitness is under Clark Hatch group. They have nothing to do with YZ Group or even Centro. For goodness sake, Centro owns the building and Centro doesn’t own YZ. Why on earth would people want to curse Centro? At least with the new owner, you can now resume your gym/yoga/dance rather than chomping down tones of alli diet pill right? I really wish someone would buy over YZ Bukit Tinggi branch too.  The road from my house leading towards Centro is so freaking jams.

Fyi, I have signed up with CHI Fitness for the sake of the free November membership and also for the sake of Yoga.  I really need a proper place to practice! And most importantly, it is child friendly fitness centre.  I am thrilled to see some familiar names *ahem* on the timetable too.

What’s more to say?  Namaste!

So, what are you guys waiting for?

Go, go, go!

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