Posted on 31-10-2008
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Lately… I have cravings for banana leaf rice.

Lately… I spent my free time munching muruku.

Lately… I love roti canai with ghee.

Recently… I feel like celebrating Deepavali.

I even got myself a new punjabi suit.

Die, I think I must stop learning Yoga!!! *rolling eye*

p/s: Pe.lea.se. lar! Talk using your brain, ok. Don’t talk like a Baby wearing adult diaper. Someone out there doesn’t know which finger is longer!

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Posted on 31-10-2008
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We went to Pantai Kelanang (5km after Morib Beach) during Deepavali Holiday. As usual we had picnic there and not forgetting lots of camwhoring too. While doing our usual stuff, we spotted a baby Cobra under a wheel!

‘Baby Cobra’ wasn’t pleased at all getting down on the sands and she even make me promised to help her dust the sand away. What the heck!

Yea, I know I was not in proper clothings but who the heck goes to a beach in yoga outfit. That is crazy right?

p/s: This is the best time to buy ephedra diet pills as they are offering quite a relatively low prices now.

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