Posted on 05-06-2009
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It is almost 2 months now since I’ve stopped my membership in Chi Fitness.  Changing of yoga center doesn’t means that I have stopped my yoga practise entirely.  I choose to attend classes somewhere nearer to home.  That way, I do not have to waste more time on the road and endure all the freaking jams!

My current place is Living Yoga operated by ex-YZ instructor and she hired majority ex-YZ instructor too 🙂 .  The best thing about going to classes on my very first day is meeting all my old yoga buddy again!   It’s a clique.  Every where she goes, every where they follows.

The down side is I don’t get to enjoy luxury facilities in this new place.  No more steam room, rainforest showerhead, sparkling Delta faucets, more classes to choose, etc.  This new place is kinda comfy for 10 people. Go imagine.

The plus side is $$$.  RM270.00 for 24 classes, validity for 6 months.  Which means one lesson is RM11.00.  Quite affordable and I don’t loose any money for the classes that I don’t go. (I am refering to unlimited package).  This scheme works for me and I likey!  And throughout this 2 months, I’ve only managed to attend 5 classes.  Dang, what is wrong with me!

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