Posted on 16-06-2009
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Last week class was a little different. The formerly quiet and calm lesson burst into an excited buzz. It was like a yoga class had morphed into a cocktail party with camera flashing after we was pairing.

I took the above picture of my kids when I started Yoga sometime in 2007.  It was more of a foreplay and didn’t realised they are one of the asana commonly performed in partner yoga.  This is also my first time doing Partner Yoga and I was very excited about it.  I was telling myself, since I can take the weight of my kids, it shouldn’t be a problem to lift my partner.  Not that they are going to sit on my leg, right!  Lifting them is no biggie.

This is my Yoga Teacher.  The proper way of positioning your feet is to place them at your partner’s groin area.  (AND SUCK THAT ABS IN!!! Thank you.)

Not too bad except when I tried to position my arm forward, the legs started to get woobly.

And now is my turn to go on top.

Teacher is always a teacher right?  This time our hands are parallel with each other like tv stands.  Let me tell you what is the feeling being lifted up there.  Performing Partner Yoga poses builds a very high level of trust on your partner and nothing else. With all confidence and trust, I managed to let go one hand.

I was very near to perfect it with a prayer pose but the non existence of  support really makes a difference!  I was terrified of height!  I was afraid of falling!  I can tell that my legs flew apart and there goes my balancing.

This is just the starting.  We had whole lot of fun and laughter after this.  Will post up more pictures after this post.

Namaste, everyone!

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