Posted on 12-06-2009
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So much bragging and no picture at all is not my type of blogging, eh?  Everything is almost done at my little private space except for the mirror that need some drilling work to be done by profession just in case some internal wiring is along the way to the AED box .

But after proscracinating for so many months, the mirror is still remained resting against the wall.  So sad isn’t it.

After many donkey months, I realised I kinda like the mirror that way cos in most standing poses, I do not have to bother checking if I my hair is messy. *rofl*

The first picture may fool a lot of you but to tell you the truth, my house is always in a mess especially my workstation.  Who’s don’t anyway?

After seeing my workstation alongside with my inhome yoga sanctuary, you will find them very unappetising right?  What to do!  This is the best that I can do with so limited space.

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