Posted on 01-07-2008
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First of all, I did not mean to leave the readers guessing as what is happening to Yoga Zone until I hear the story from the Teacher there. I was mainly waiting for the Sunday class as Mary (not real name) and me is some sort on a talking term. According to Mary, the Management has not been paying the Teachers salary for almost a month and a half now. Since teaching Yoga is only her part-time job, she don’t really feel the pinch yet. But of course we pity all the full time Teachers. And another rumors was saying Yoga Zone has expended their branches too fast and they are now running at a lost. Now, that is their internal Management problem. I do not see why, we as a student has to suffer all this along with the Teachers!

There’s another thing about the Management attitude. I’ll blog about that one day when I get the opportunity. At the mean time, let’s just forget about the whole issue. I have no control over their Management issue. All I know is, I pay for the membership and I want my classes back!

p/s: Thanks Cassandra for your comment too. Kinda enlighten us a bit. But still, there are hundred over students at the Klang branch who is still confused and lost their confidence with Yoga Zone. I hope the Management will do something to gain back the trust.

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