Posted on 24-07-2008
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I attended my first Yoga Dance class by Deepak yesterday. You can rest assured the word coming from someone who has two left feet. This is one truly wild yoga class I’ve been to. I have never felt so free of inhibitions, self-consciousness when I was dancing in his class. You should see the way he sway that butt. Gosh! I can just stop dancing and watch him. He almost swept me away and my heart just melt into deep relaxation.

At the beginning, I was not very comfortable and rather shy with free expression. But hey, everyone is into it. Just close my eye, deeply relax my body and mind with the gentle stretching then soar into a liberating transformational dance journey. I hadn’t even realized the emotional toxins and burdens that I was carrying. I felt much more lighter after all the hot stomping, jumping and swaying. Everyone look so joyful and rejuvenated after the class. Time sure pass by fast and we was taught some Bollywood movement. I left the class with the exotic Bollywood beat rhythms still playing in my mind. My favourite part would be the, “Maria? MARIA!” *tump, tump, tump*

*head still bobbing while writing this post*


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