Posted on 15-07-2008
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I have been thinking for the past 48 hours if I should step up and voice out something…. nice…. (just incase someone decided to shot me in my butt). I really don’t know how I should write or maybe keeping a silence is a bliss. My mind is definitely, absolutely, totally blank for the past 2 hours. I felt like myself just waking up from a terrible nightmare. One minute I am here entertaining myself in my boring blog, the next minute, *poof!* the traffic never stop coming in every single minute and for the whole day today, I just sat in front of my puter moderating comments. YogaJess recorded a new traffic record too! 1632 pageviews (normal days 50 pageviews), total visitor 428 per day (normal days hardly even touches 15 people) and the meter is still running. Updated: As of 12midnight, the traffic record is 2,453 pageviews and total visitors 581. 16 July 08 – New!!! traffic record is 3,059 pageviews and total visitors 688. 17 July 08 – 2,561 pageviews and new record for total visitors is 708. (errr… more and more visitors each day. *wipe sweat*) 18 July, 08 – 3,430 pageviews and total visitors is 1,055!!!! (I almost ran out of bandwidth. You guys no need to work issit? Some of you can camp in my blog for the whole day! Quick go to the bank! TJ bank in your salary already!) Updated 28 July 08 – How I wish the share market soars like the new traffic record with 4,937 pageviews and total number of visitors is 1,401. (This time, I get a notice from my hosting company to upgrade the server to accommodate the exceeded bandwidth. $$$ bye-bye money $$$). Update on 29 July 08 – 5206 pageviews and total number of visitors is 1,535. Update:Â 30 July 08 – 6,218 pageviews and total number of visitors is 2,056

I just want to ask, how did you people ended up here? I mean it started with Fei, Cassandra and Yoga Man. And obviously Cassandra pass my link to TJ and I presumed Yoga Man does the same too. If my assumption is wrong, please forgive me. I against my webmaster idea to disable the comment box. The main reason is because I am afraid I might be one of (TJ’s) victim too. After reading through more than 50 comments, I kinda have a clearer picture as what is going on out there. Well, there is always 2 side of the coin. At the meantime, I need to have faith in TJ to overcome his financial difficulties or whatever the trouble he is facing right now. I had spent about RM3.5k for the membership. Of course I do not wish to see him ‘die’. *tic tak calculator, wipe sweat from forehead* YZ, please don’t dissapoint us.

As for the Teachers, I am sorry to read what you’ve gone thru. That is beyond my comment and none of my business. I will still leave the comment box open and please, we are all educated people. No vulgar language, ok? Sorry TJ. The battle continue. 30 fingers pointing at one. This is difficult to ignore.