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I have been thinking for the past 48 hours if I should step up and voice out something…. nice…. (just incase someone decided to shot me in my butt). I really don’t know how I should write or maybe keeping a silence is a bliss. My mind is definitely, absolutely, totally blank for the past 2 hours. I felt like myself just waking up from a terrible nightmare. One minute I am here entertaining myself in my boring blog, the next minute, *poof!* the traffic never stop coming in every single minute and for the whole day today, I just sat in front of my puter moderating comments. YogaJess recorded a new traffic record too! 1632 pageviews (normal days 50 pageviews), total visitor 428 per day (normal days hardly even touches 15 people) and the meter is still running. Updated: As of 12midnight, the traffic record is 2,453 pageviews and total visitors 581. 16 July 08 – New!!! traffic record is 3,059 pageviews and total visitors 688. 17 July 08 – 2,561 pageviews and new record for total visitors is 708. (errr… more and more visitors each day. *wipe sweat*) 18 July, 08 – 3,430 pageviews and total visitors is 1,055!!!! (I almost ran out of bandwidth. You guys no need to work issit? Some of you can camp in my blog for the whole day! Quick go to the bank! TJ bank in your salary already!) Updated 28 July 08 – How I wish the share market soars like the new traffic record with 4,937 pageviews and total number of visitors is 1,401. (This time, I get a notice from my hosting company to upgrade the server to accommodate the exceeded bandwidth. $$$ bye-bye money $$$). Update on 29 July 08 – 5206 pageviews and total number of visitors is 1,535. Update:Â 30 July 08 – 6,218 pageviews and total number of visitors is 2,056

I just want to ask, how did you people ended up here? I mean it started with Fei, Cassandra and Yoga Man. And obviously Cassandra pass my link to TJ and I presumed Yoga Man does the same too. If my assumption is wrong, please forgive me. I against my webmaster idea to disable the comment box. The main reason is because I am afraid I might be one of (TJ’s) victim too. After reading through more than 50 comments, I kinda have a clearer picture as what is going on out there. Well, there is always 2 side of the coin. At the meantime, I need to have faith in TJ to overcome his financial difficulties or whatever the trouble he is facing right now. I had spent about RM3.5k for the membership. Of course I do not wish to see him ‘die’. *tic tak calculator, wipe sweat from forehead* YZ, please don’t dissapoint us.

As for the Teachers, I am sorry to read what you’ve gone thru. That is beyond my comment and none of my business. I will still leave the comment box open and please, we are all educated people. No vulgar language, ok? Sorry TJ. The battle continue. 30 fingers pointing at one. This is difficult to ignore.


ToT on 28 July, 2008 at 2:14 am #

hope can get my salary soon…
wish really got new management take over la…
cz so worry bout y-fitness brem mall cant open… da poster take down jor

Little MM on 28 July, 2008 at 2:24 am #

STOP. Is TJ dumb? Yeah, mayb, who isn’t, for once in their life? But at least he knows it now. The lessons that we all learn from our mistake or ‘dumbness’ or dumbest thing that we have ever did is the most important. & that’s as important as been given a second chance to make things right. Let him have some air to breathe & set things right. & if he’s really a rich liar like what some said, well, then, he’s all yours! Be my guest.

We all know, everyone is feeling uncomfortable about all that’s happening. At least the members, staffs, teachers, even outsider learn something valuables here. The opinions, the thoughts that were never been share before, exchange of -ve & +ve feelings, the perception of things in life etc… I think it’s a good personal & professional development here.

jesslw on 18 July, 2008 at 3:25 pm, Smiles? Thank you for loving it.
Smiling to everyone which includes- yz members, rude walk-ins & even strangers who might have thought yz staffs are crazy, newspaper vendor, laundry guy (THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP & EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE), when sometimes… deep down, feels like crying ( if kena scolding ). It could be very hard sometimes. Imagine, members provide feedbacks with harsh words to staffs, still have to thank them with a smile. Well, if the feedback help to improve the services, I’m sure it’s all worth it.

thank you, KINDNESS on 27 July, 2008 at 10:15 pm. You even notice the ‘cleaners’ shown their professionalism. & That everyone is doing their part, backing up each other: teamwork. Really glad & enjoy reading your comment.

DLSSF on 18 July, 2008 at 9:40 pm. Thanks for being understanding. Staffs who’s trying to keep everything running despite shaky situation really get more pimples/acne everyday. Trying to patch things up when things goes wrong like what you explain of the scene you witnessed. Btw, we love to see you everyday, you are more than a member to us because you are a friend.

PolisDigajah on 24 July, 2008 at 11:52 am. Thanks for your comment on the bilibala. Really give others an idea of the tough times that the staffs & teachers been going through, well..er.. sometimes hehe. We just have to look on the bright side. Maybe some members just had a bad day at work or stress, it could be a way for them de-stress? Just agree with them, don’t argue. It really test our patience, which is a good learning ground ;). After all, YZ is ‘the place’ for them to de-stress. Eh, maybe we should put a tips box.. after scolding have o give tips :p

OIC on 25 July, 2008 at 8:16 pm. Yes, we are all tired, very indeed. Lets take a step back. Give everyone a chance. Maybe we could let YZ ‘breathe’ for a while during the 7 days transition period. It has been a very challenging times for everyone-the members, staffs, teachers, even cleaners…etc… lets us stop fighting for something beyond our control now.

Yogajess, sorry, i mentioned that that would be my last but I couldn’t help reading the comments because some of it really touching. do u think we could have a moment of silents together & be nice abit… maybe just a teeny weeny little bits? During the transition period? Pray for the best for everyone?

中立者 on 28 July, 2008 at 3:41 am #

TJ,为啥你一直都在WHY?WHY??WHY???以上让你所抱怨的,痛辙心扉的,毁你名誉与YZ的“爱将”/“ 亲信”,都是你本身亲自赋予重任的呀!?她们能干与否?相信你比我们更清楚!!那干嘛你在这儿公开她们的“罪行” ?薪金?有意义吗?(不好意思,我并没在指责或怪你,因没意思,只是疑惑。)
千千万万的人说过,YZ有问题并不是近来的事,而是从一年前开始!(例:EPF,SCOSO,INCOME TAX,INCENTIVE,YZ的债务,MANAGEMENT’S SYSTEM,你“爱将”/“ 亲信” 的能力。。。ETC)

dot on 28 July, 2008 at 9:17 am #

TJ BIG LIAR!!!!! WHY WHY TELL US WHY YOUR DESA OUTLET was thrown red paint by your AH Long, when you said company being sold out and undergoing a restructuring ??????????WHY 50 Teacher’s May Salaries really bounced this morning??? Such a bullshit!死到臨到吾知死,YOU SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!!!!!

dot on 28 July, 2008 at 9:58 am #

Battle just to start now!!!! Tj 接招啦!!!200 staff, 80 teachers , 8,000 members will go against you!!!85% major shareholder!!!!

Man on 28 July, 2008 at 10:10 am #

TJ is liar. dont lie here to cover yourself about YZ melaka. if you said deepak salary is paid by Mr. Alan. why deepak need to go back to YG KL after the melaka close if like what you said salary is pay by Alan. deepak should already go back to his country. the melaka consultant is my friend, alan paid & compensate the salary 2 months to the consultant & the new staff 1 month.

dharana on 28 July, 2008 at 10:23 am #

I hope that somebody from the new management is reading this blog. I think the members, teachers and staff are all hoping for the best with the news that a new management team is taking over. Please make sure that the teachers and staff are paid their salaries so that they will want to continue to work for the new management. YZ has great teachers and is the sole reason for its success. The members will continue to support YZ if these teachers are still around.

muthusamy on 28 July, 2008 at 10:24 am #

Folks,if YZ is bought over by some-one else,TJ has to inform fellow directors and shareholders.He can’t sell the company and let someone else take over with informing felow shareholders and director.
A friend of mine,not to sure if she is a director/shareHolder of YZ,has told she has recieved no notification of a takeover.
This kind of indicates the news of yz taken over by a new company doesn’t look true.

I honestly hope TJ is able to set right the issue ASAP for the benefits of everyone involved.


Man on 28 July, 2008 at 10:26 am #

Mr TJ, melaka members believe you at the first stage. we believe black & white, if you are in strong position, you have already took lega action against Alan. i’ve read the the legal letter in the last conference meeting. i feel so frustated you always mention ” YOGA BODY YOGA MIND”. you act in different way.

seth_ron@panas on 28 July, 2008 at 11:07 am #

“恭喜!恭喜!YZ 终於都要休息一星期了,恭喜那些造謡者如願以償了,几百个员工没饭吃,老师没工作做,会员们没地方上课了,你们成功了,却不知道抹殺了多少人的利益,本来上面很努力的救火,下面(造謡者)却更努力的放火,好了,终於都逼到TJ 放弃了,为那些一直都没有放弃作战黙黙耕耘的员工们与那些一直期待YZ渡过難关的会员们柷褔,希望一星期后春天會降臨吧!哎!可憐无辜的会员们,你们的福利和损失都拜那些放火者一把火燒光了。God Bless You 。”

This is not ppl’s wishes. Feel pity to the members. But what else can EVERYONE do, if the root has been rotten for now. It’s time for change.

Its the life cycle, the worst one get dump and the new ones get a chance for a run. Hope he will learn his lesson as SO much his loyalties ppl leave him behind. Everyone push hard to get the company survive for the starting of FEB but things come out not as expected.

As you all can observe from what his comment state, those ppl are the one who really believing him in everything but on the other hand, his promises are empty. This make them lose thier patient to him. Cant blame others turning their back on him. We had been months not taken our salary yet after resignation.

For those members, hopefully there is a new entity to take over YZG so that all your. As can say…… HOPEFULLY….

In the real life, there is no total one sided dominance. Maybe TJ is really a person that makes YOGA so famous in Malaysia but still he is still da man that makes YZ so problematic.

Hope he will learn his lesson. TJ … RIP if you really mean what you say.

angry on 28 July, 2008 at 11:09 am #


The Management guy is your Boy Friend!!!!

Don’t tell me that you are using this 1 week time to actually run away to other country!!!

Don’t forget about Karma!!!

You Have Parents, Brother and Sister!!!

They may suffer due to your bad Karma!!!

x-staff on 28 July, 2008 at 12:09 pm #

Oh my gosh. what is this?angry where you get the source from?how true is this?

Angry member on 28 July, 2008 at 2:04 pm #

Conman, what happen to the explanation on the teachers bounced cheques? U are aware the cheques will bounced and the teachers will stop work.so you plan this 1 week closure! You big liar! Now the foreign teachers are in a fix too. They have no money, no place to stay by end of July becos you did not pay their rental for months.The landlords are taking back their apartments! Your selfish n good for nothing staff, Phyllis told them company will pay for the rental verbally without anything in writing and got them into hot soup now. Shame on you !

poor victims on 28 July, 2008 at 4:12 pm #

today 28th july our salary have not pay yet! told change new management but we think you must come out speak to us? we are like foolish getting scolded by all kinds of members each day. Why not u are the one who get scolded instead of us? If you would appear to us explain speak to us clearly , it’s ok we get scolded. When exactly we get paid (salary, epf,socso,commission,incentive) once the new management taking over? We are waiting for U to reply.

LyDm on 28 July, 2008 at 4:30 pm #


LyDm on 28 July, 2008 at 4:47 pm #

starllght on 28 July, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

It’s my third year in yoga cheras and honestly I enjoying the yoga classes for all the years and it would be dissapointment to let it close down after your hard work through out the years and not matter what happen,don’t let peoples comments let you down badly,trust and have faith in god,sometimes it’s a test from god and Im sure you can solve the problem and please remember there’s your parent’s still care for you and loves you.Don’t give you easily ok?Take care

LyDm on 28 July, 2008 at 4:50 pm #


starllght on 28 July, 2008 at 5:05 pm #

Hamsap David,OMG,I ingat dia itu gay,because he seldom adjust older women?He used to be that counter boy at Cheras those days and maybe he think with his charm,he can usik usik young girls,well tell him, young girls now a days not easy to usik unless ada $$$$$$..ha..ha…
TJ,I pray you can settle this problems soon because I do not wish to jump to Fitness First,your neighbour…

YC Student on 28 July, 2008 at 5:43 pm #

I went to Comfort Zone last Saturday to make an appointment and I found that it is closed. I went again on Sunday, again its closed. I call today, no one pick up the phone. I do not want to jump to conclusion but can someone please tell me will Comfort Zone reopen or is it closed for good?? If its closed for good, what will happen to the package that I have there??

catepillar on 28 July, 2008 at 6:24 pm #

To YC Student
Just keep ur fingers cross. Lets wait 4 1 week and c what would happen..

YZ Student on 28 July, 2008 at 7:33 pm #

我同意LyDm 所說的。沒有人想YZ變成這樣。請大家等等一個星期後有什麼結果。YZ staff,我也曾經遇到老板遲出糧的時候。但是比你們好一點點,幾次月中才出糧或才出半個月糧.很辛苦。但是都等了三個月,就等多一個星期吧。希望有好消息。也在此多謝你們的長期的服務,很享受看到你們熱情的笑容。他日若有還在其他服務興業工作,請多多加油!也多謝各位老師盡心的教導,真的還想上你們的課。TJ, 希望你能解決你的問題。別讓你的好員工們失望。:)namaste。

oh dear on 28 July, 2008 at 8:12 pm #

When are u going to explaint WHY the cheque bounced? Everyone is waiting u know.

Viking on 28 July, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

You ppl owe my cousin sister salary for 2 mths and 1 year EPF. You better pay her back! If not i tell u GOD punish you kau kau.

LyDm on 28 July, 2008 at 10:41 pm #

ah long老大,给他些时间,他真的需要些时间!

D Generation X on 28 July, 2008 at 11:24 pm #

to LyDm:ah long老大不会看blog!

中立者 on 28 July, 2008 at 11:40 pm #


harrynana on 28 July, 2008 at 11:46 pm #



oh dear on 28 July, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

All teachers ,staffs.members should have meeting and decide further action.Let groups together!!!To gain more awareness,to inform medias,or to report Police.For his good,protect him from Mr ah long(very pro one he said)Anyway he should be fine cos he already hired 2 bodyguard(when they gonna get paid)

中立者 on 29 July, 2008 at 12:20 am #

to harrynana:

LyDm on 29 July, 2008 at 12:24 am #


LyDm on 29 July, 2008 at 12:38 am #


7 hercules on 29 July, 2008 at 1:18 am #

i think everyone still remember how and when yoga came into our life, ofcoz everyone hv their own story, i met yoga in yogazone,oct 2005, the 1st class i attended, jazzlyn’s astanga, it was no free trial class, i hv to pay around rm50 for tat class, and it was in desa outlet,i still remember it was a sunday, a nice and easy sunday. afterthe class was done, i sign a package worth 1688, around tat, it was same price with wat my girlfriend bought a month ago, the different was she hv a freeflow to attend class in plaza damas where i do not hv, i missed the package.
bcoz of she were free at the morning, she always went for morning class,and i went by evening, seldom did class together, but we still hv the same topic to share, who teach better,wat class is more fun, wat funny thing had happened during the class, alot alot of things. happy! v met new friends, buddies, talk together, laugh together, giving some nickname, like lady ghost(lui guai),headmaster(hao joang),yellow frog, ribena, sunkist…and it all happen in desa outlet.i still remember, my girlfriend attend both morning n evening classes sometime, juz bcoz the class was too good to be miss.
time flows fast especially wen everything was great and harmony, i even took a ttc in yogazone, that was the 1st ttc that our pilates sifu hv ever hv, haha…everything was fun, students,current teachers, young, not so young, haha…gather in the studio4 at damas, every sunday. bc learning dis learning tat,prepare task, arguing, sometimes u know, 10 ppl having 10 opinions, sometimes professional vs non professional, ah beng ah lian vs banana,haha… but tat was great great time…now matter how or wat had happened.
wen come to teaching, the joy came from different way, the students, thanks v have a great place to teach, the faces tat appear each class, friendly,the words tat sifu gave me b4 i start teaching,chui gei yin bien,do wat u need to do to suite the situation, haha..my explanation bad, rite?
what i made from teaching…i think the most valuable thing i had bought was this, my wedding rings, yes, the ring that i wear wen i teach,not a expensive one, but the value, priceless.since i start teaching, ofcoz, i dun hv tat much time to attend class anymore,but i still make my time to come back to desa, after i finish my teaching in other outlet, meeting buddies in desa, having dinner,or shall i call it supper, at desa food court, that are nice lok mei, extra ice, extra cold after those sweaty classes. feel so nice, chat with old buddies..
…even wen yz facing problems since months ago, i still come back to desa, see some friends, sometime juz shown up to use toilet…
but, as old folks said, flowers wont keep on blossom,ofcoz, after all dis while,i oredi knew tat,if anything tat would happen it would happen. dis morning, wen i hv a sms say tat desa outlet been splashed with red paint, i went there and ..wen u see it by your own eyes….wen u think about dis is the place tat v met yoga, v met friends, my heart was broken, i watch thru my wife’s eyes, she hv the same red eyes like i do….
i was thinking, i start meeting yoga here, v stayed here b4, is the paint a sign tat want me to forget every good things that happen here b4? No,i wont forget those good things, but the paint did tell me that itz time to move on, no matter how disappointed u are, no matter how hard the feeling is, it got to be an end, i got to move on.

ToT on 29 July, 2008 at 2:34 am #

i wish tat da founder wont run away between dis week…

jediknights on 29 July, 2008 at 9:01 am #

Wait for another week ? he is just buying time, remembered what he has promised to pay your money / salary months ago, what happpens now ? On earth, no one will be so stupid to buy over a company which has got so many debts to cover, if you do know, let me know

TJ on 29 July, 2008 at 9:06 am #

If the founder wanted to run away, will be long long time ago. If he plans to runaway this week, he won’t have an official notice to trigger the issue. If he intends to run away, he will save the 50% payroll to the frontdesks and consultants, it summed up to 100k+, if he already ran away, he won’t be here to answer your doubt. last but not least, he is definitely running away cause there’s no where to run; he’s only GIVING WAY to the better person to make things better. After all, he has only a simple wish, creating a yoga establishment to benefit everyone.

TJ on 29 July, 2008 at 9:59 am #

Dear Jediknights,
I’m neither the money printing machine nor Bank Negara, and I’m definitely not borned with silver spoon; yes, i did promise to pay the salary on-time, but is everyone doing their part in the company or not? revenue is the blood stream of the company, if teachers teach whole-heartedly, frontdesks smiling all the time, consultants are aggressive enough to get sales in, management team work together to support the business units, things had already been turned around. No one should just cross their hands and “wait” for the salary to be released, if there’s such downpour in this world, let me know. The monthly total costs for YZ had been cut down from a high 1.6+million to 1.2+million, I have done the cost control progressively since months ago, however, the sales on June 2008 was 700k+, is the lowest record ever in YZ since incorporated on Feb 2005. Why this happened? Many reasons:
1.Miscommunication between the chairman and the fellow teachers because the message was passed in different version while to the teachers. I did say god is fair, luckily I met all the six teachers at labour office and we could understand the situation better. However, with this wrong message passed to the teachers, we couldn’t blame the angry teachers will send negative message to the members; teachers are the most respected position in YZ, ( chairman, managers are only supporting team ), members will definitely listen to what they said, and that’s why since the boycott of classes happened, every employees will be “too cocern” to the matter and forgotten what’s their reposnsibilities, some of them ( SP staff ) even worsen the situation by adding salt; my poor mom even received a call ( male voice ) from Sri Petaling by threatening her that, “if your son don’t clear our salary, one of your outlets will not be opened tomorrow!”, this violent approach is definitely not the quality/core value of YZ. And also, days ago, a consultant in Sri Petaling ( aikksss…again… ) had done two sales amounted to RM 1.7k+, but the cash was taken by him without banking in to the company’s account, when only being discovered, this male consultant said it’s not his fault, it’s company’s fault; he deserves the money because the company still owe him salary, furthermore he has no more money to buy meal. If taking an average meal spending is RM 5, you can have at least 300 meals covered, I believe you couldn’t have 300 meals in a month, right? Be fair to your fellow colleagues and other outlets employees. Further, “不问自取,实为贼也”。
3. Mr.Long’s case – My parents and I had quietly reported the case to Bukit Aman cause when lodged the case to both Sentul and Brickfields, no actions have been taken by the inspectors caused of “the common reason we all know”. The efficient personnel from Bukit Aman had given a strong order to the Sentul station to take immediate action, hence, the next day, the ah long+conman, Mr. Ah Seng was arrested and my mom was asked by the inspector to identify the person, of course, easily, Mr. Ah Seng was locked up. He has another culprits named Tee and also his gang is taking the revenge by the red paint to the outlet, cause to the public eyes, “if you don’t owe others any money, why do they wanna do so?”, the top personnel in Bukit Aman said that the ah long business is getting worse and worse cause no one want to make themselves into this deep shit, so they are using the tactics of middleman to assist you to apply bank loan, cheating on your application fees, runner’s fees, and deposits, because of thinking of getting a term loan to settle the previous tatutory compliances ( i did mention during employees’ meeting on May@Cheras Plaza ), we were being cheated. I’m not going to write in detail about this, however, in order to make sure no one shall have the same bad exprience, I’m working on a blog ( of course after settling all these current major issues ) to let the public know how they con others. Of course, TJ won’t be that dumb to believe in what they said if there’s no insider.
4.Chaos created by the rumours to the suppliers/creditors/landlord — As many of them are actually our existing members, so the gossips went on and made everybody chasing their payment. Some of the landlord even called to respective outlets to tell the frontdesks ( landlords, attention! This is definitely not PROFESSIONAL! ) ,your calls had given the frontdesks more pressure and uncertainty, then the frontdesks also unethically telling the members about this, which like adding salt to the wound.
5. DO IT FOR YOU NEXT MONTH! HMMM! BELIEVE IN BELIEVE — Simply I believe in “believe in believe”, i always thought tomrrrow is a better day, but till something happened recently, “believe cannot be believed anymore” and left in 24 hours, I don’t know where to find my “believe” and how to believe, anyway, that’s not important; when things are over, all dear consultants, you all are definitely being kept on toes, if anyone ever mention “do it for you next month”, be prepare the consequence maybe “your salary will only be paid next month”.

yz member on 29 July, 2008 at 10:24 am #

The red paint is the history on fitness world. Even in the heart of every members. How can it happen at the second home of every members ? Heart broken to see it..

YogaJess on 29 July, 2008 at 10:28 am #

I need to close this comment box. Yes, again. I have problem with my hosting and also the script took a longer time to load on my pc. Anyway, we all need to move on with life. It takes one to know one.