Posted on 11-07-2008
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I think I am the first person who walked into the premise. The moment I opend the door, I noticed that other than the down light shining right above the reception counter is switched on, the rest of the lights and I mean ALL of the lights is being switched off. Even the air-conditioning is not switched on at the reception. Can you imagine now stuffy it is at the front desk? Duhh, do I have to be so precised? I am talking about the Yoga Club I frequented in Klang.

I know they are trying to save the electricity but hey, when all things happen at the same time (read “Something Fishy” and “No Money No Class”) this is getting very scary and it send me a goosebumps seeing all this changes. Get what I mean?

So I teased Mr. GoodGuy when he handed me the admission card, “Why? Want to save electricity issit?” . As usual, he will give me a sheepish smile and followed by a loud chuckle from the cleaner too! LOL!!!!! ‘Electricity’ supplies came back like normal when more crowd came in. I know I shouldn’t think negative by consoling myself thinking that the center is just making a frugal lifestyle. I know it is hard. I just have to!


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