Posted on 18-07-2008
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Other than going to the gym or practising yoga to keep yourself healthy, do you practise a healthy eating? I know of some practitioner that used to pig out like there is no tomorrow after a yoga session. Even before the classes start, they will be talking (so loudly) about where-to-meet and where-to-eat-BKT-session (Bak Kut Teh) after class. Can’t really blame them as BKT is part of pa sang lang (klangist) life and also the trademark of Klang.

Back to the topic, do you have the habit of blending your own juices? I have. I love making my own smoothies. Apart from fruits, I do include vegetables too like tomato, carrot and celery. Wait a minute, is tomato a fruit or vegetable? Oh, nevermind.

If you read up health article on tomato, they are actually the best detox food and help to prevent prostate cancer in man. Unfortunately not after I read up the article on the new study from the National Cancer Institute and Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Ok, I don’t really care about that since I am not a man.

Back to the topic again, not many people favour to eat Tomato by it’s own or even drink tomato juice alone. The best way to overcome them is to include tomato in your juices. That way, you can hardly even taste it. My favourite recipe would be:

  • Oranges + Carrot + Celery
  • Oranges + tomatoes + yogurt

It is up to you to include any fruits as long it is one or two portion of fruit and one portion of vegetable to your juices. It can be any type of fruits – watermelon, honey dew, grapes, star fruits, apple. Just be a little creative – Healthy Eating = Healthy Living.

Anyway, it is a Friday today and most of us will be looking forward to the day off. So, let’s chill a bit ya? Please say hi to your Mom for me too. Tomato Juice, anyone 😉 ? Cheers!

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