Posted on 22-07-2008
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I used to attend classes right after work and since I have a very tight working schedule, I can’t plan before hand when I may turn up for practise. To be safe, I have a bag full of my attire thrown in the car boot. Owing 7 sets of attire is a common sight for ladies (what’s more, we have 30 pairs of shoes in the house) but owing 7 towels is crazy. Or maybe that was me. *shrug* Ok. So I have only 3 towels. If any of the day the 3 towels is left at home, I am in a dead meat. So what do I do? Cursing under my breath that I wish they have a vending machine supplying towel. I know some centre do provide towel but in my case, it isn’t. To be less obvious, I just use my sleeve. Worst scenario would be having a stack of their (get from the toilet) paper towel with me. This is vending machine number 1 I wish they would fix in the toilet.

Vending machine number 2 would be selling rubber band. Lame isn’t it? I had long hair that is slightly shorter than waist length. Most of the time I never tie them up at work. If I happen to go for my practise that day, I am in a dead meat. Again. So what do I do? Cursing under my breath that I wish they have a vending machine selling rubber band. But, the kind soul at the front desk is always willing to be the ‘supplier’. Sometimes, I really feel paiseh to ask for a rubber band as they are always out of rubber bands!  How pathetic that is. The torturing part would be removing the band from our hair as they tend to tangle up few strands of our hair. Guys are so lucky as they do not face the ‘rubber band’ problem.

Vending machine number 3.

G-string & strapless bra.

Ok.  You can stop laughing now.  I am not kidding you.

I cringe each time I saw other ladies wearing leotard and yet the visible pantie outline is so obvious.  That.is.just.so.ugly!  You bet I have gone commando several times when I happen to be on ‘aunty’ pantie or girdle.  And how about your spaghetti strap top that doesn’t go well with that nondetachable strap bra?  So what do I do?  Cursing under my breath that I wish they have a vending machine suppying disposable g-string and …. bra?  Siao!

What vending machine do you wish they had in your toilet?

p/s:  Guys, please don’t bother to understand my crap if you are confused. lol.

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dharana on 24 July, 2008 at 11:58 am #

how about a vending machine that dispenses hair clips? I need to clip my hair so that my hair is not all over my face when I am doing the poses, especially the forward bends.

Wyatt on 9 August, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

i guess, sanitary pads, tissue papers, and condoms are the most common stuffs a vending machine can provide inside the toilet… (i am serious) …

HHJ on 19 August, 2008 at 7:12 pm #


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